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Age of Mandala - Castle Range Mod

by GorLeon - 3678 downloads

This mod shows the standard range of every castle, i.e. 8 tiles. It's just a graphical modification, it won't update for example when fletching is researched.


This mod was inspired by [You must login to view link] by johannes and johannes himself gave me some helpful tips for porting it to Voobly. I give him my thanks.

There are some differences between the original mod and this one though:
1) While the DE one was a modification of the castles' slps, this one is a modification of their shadows' slps. Modifying the slps of castles themselves made the range line clickable, so I had to use the shadows (that aren't clickable by default).
2) The DE one shows 3 lines, the second and the third being the ranges after fletching and bodkin arrow. I chose not to do the same here for avoiding messy graphics. If there's enough request, I'll create a separate mod that does that too.
3) I chose to use a dashed line because I find it less heavy on the eyes and just as helpful.

It should work together with any other visual mods and I tested it with AOC, Wololo Kingdoms and DE Balance. If it doesn't work with any other data mod, please let me know.

Known issues:
- For some random graphical glitch, the dashed line may disappear after placing the castle, and then reappear after scrolling down the view.

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