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Default UI with Villager Count

by MicroSlave - 1776 downloads

Default UI with Villager Count

This UI allows you to see how many villagers you have on a given resource. After the number of resources you now see how many villagers are currently tasked to that resource.
For example, let’s say you have 2 villagers chopping down trees and have 50 wood. Normally you would simply see "50" beside the wood icon, with this mod you will see "50/2".
Look at the provided picture for the visual image of this. This is the only thing the mod changes, the default interface remains intact.


Current gatherers on favor glitch:
This can sometimes glitch out and show: "villagers / monuments / heroes gathering / settlements" instead of numbers. This issue seems completely random and some people can have it glitched one game and fixed the other.
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