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Voobly Balance Patch 4.0

by The Voobly Balance Team - 2557 downloads

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A balance patch for Age of Mythology: The Titans, sanctioned by Voobly's and RTS-Sanctuary's administration, and created by a group of high level players. Please note that recorded games that originate from this (or any other) patch can only be viewed by opening the game through the Voobly client, and using the appropriate patch.

Voobly Balance Patch 4.0
Released December 19th, 2019

This patch includes 2 special new files:
• A change to the main menu, the campaign button is replaced by a second multiplayer button. (This will fix the issue of players getting stuck in the campaign menu. You can still access the campaign via single player.)
And the top button is changed into a recorded games button to make it easier to view recorded games.
• The menu which you open by pressing F2 (default) where you can see all the units & gods & upgrades now displays the correct costs for patch 4.0.
(This menu has been bugged since 2003 (ES...) and since modding can fix that and nobody wants their costs to display incorrectly it is included in the patch now.)

Map Changes:

• Medium/Far Gold Mines - On all maps except Watering Hole, gold mines can no longer spawn quite so close to 2nd/3rd town centers. The minimum avoidance range was increased by approximately one to two storehouse widths, depending on spawning specifics.
• Starting Gold Mines - On all maps except for Anatolia, Frozen Wastes, and Ghost Lake, the maximum spawn range from Town Centers was reduced very slightly. Starting mines can no longer spawn quite so far away from the Town Center (the distance is fairly minimal, perhaps the width of half a storehouse at most).

Balance Changes:

• Poseidon - Hippolyta's attack animation length reduced from 2.0s to 1.5s.
• Hades - Maximum Sentinel spawn range increased from 25 to 27. (this should prevent Sentinels not spawning due to gold mine placement in combination with map changes)
• Hephaestus - Colossus' gold cost reduced from 350 to 300. (undoing of a previous nerf)
• Egyptian - Pharaoh's damage vs non-Atlantean Villagers reduced by 50%. This damage can be restored by researching the "Hands of the Pharaoh" upgrade.
• Egyptian - Hands of the Pharaoh upgrade now becomes available in the Classical Age instead of the Archaic Age, now increases Pharaoah's damage vs non-Atlantean Villagers by 50%.
• Set - Available food amount of Gazelle of Set reduced by 25, Giraffe of Set reduced by 50, and Hippopotamus of Set reduced by 75. (undoing of a previous buff)
• Ptah - Shifting Sands' potential to shift enemy units reduced from 800 to 600 hitpoints worth of units.
• Ptah - Wadjet's damage vs non-Atlantean Villagers reduced by 50%.
• Kronos - Cost of timeshifting Towers & Palaces reduced from 200W 100G to 100W 75G.
• Leto - Automaton's damage bonus vs myth units increased from +200% to +400%.
• Leto - Hephaestus Revenge no longer gives Automatons +100% damage bonus vs myth units. (undoing of a previous buff)
• Oce**** - Bite of the Shark now gives Hero Murmillo +150% damage bonus vs myth units.
• Oce**** - Weightless Mace now gives Hero Katapeltes +250% damage bonus vs myth units.
• Hyperion - Chaos' amount of charges reduced from 3 to 2. (undoing of a previous buff)
• Hyperion - Satyr's hitpoints reduced from 400 to 320, cost increased from 225W 18Fv to 250W 20Fv.
• Rheia - Behemoth's hitpoints increased from 550 to 625, regeneration increased from 1HP/s to 2HP/s.

Things that Previous Patches Got Wrong and Needed Fixing:

• General - The Boiling Oil attack of Towers now does 50% reduced damage vs Hetairoi. (when this damage reduction was introduced in a previous patch, the Boiling Oil attack of Towers was never altered)
• Poseidon - The Argo is no longer affected twice by armory upgrades. (this was caused by giving The Argo the hero tag)
• Isis - Monuments' hitpoints increased by 25%. (this was unintentionally nerfed by 25% in patch 1.01, so it has been reverted)
• Atlantean - The cost of heroizing Citizens has been increased from 155F 30W to 225F 45W.
(this was lowered in a previous patch, and when the reduction on heroizing was later removed, the Hero Citizen's cost wasn't restored to its original value)
• Atlantean - (hero) Citizens' damage bonus versus siege (excluding Siege Towers and Helepolis) increased from +100% to +150%.
(to compensate for an earlier patch fail where this damage bonus was accidentally nerfed by 67% instead of 50%)
• Atlantean - Oracle Scouts can once again escape the Frost god power by heroizing. (all other Atlantean units can do this, but 1.01 removed this for the Oracle Scouts)
• Oranos - Oracle Scout's movement speed reduced by 10%, they now have the same movement speed again as when playing Gaia & Kronos.
(patch 1.01 gave Oracle Scouts the human tag, which made them benefit from the Oranos movement speed bonus, something that was unintended and is thus now removed)
• Leto - Volcanic forge's research time reduced from 40s to 30s. (this was already 30s before but due to mistakes with hotfixes it was put back to 40s again)
• Helios - Heka Gigantes' hack & pierce armor is increased from 44% to 45%. (When a previous buff to their armor was reverted, the armor was reverted to the wrong number, this is the original value now)

Bug & Consistency Error Fixes:

• General - Units with lightning attacks will no longer sometimes be stuck between attack animations (affected units are SoO, Man O War, Petsuchos and Mirror Tower).
• General - Docks are now able to attack the Hippocampus.
• General - All the Titans now have the same animation length for each of their attacks (or their cumulative is equal). This affects the attacks that Titans use when attacking units or buildings.
(Before this change the Norse Titan was the weakest because it took longer for that Titan to perform the same attack, with equal damage.)
• Hades - Perseus will no longer walk to the target of his special attack after petrifying it, he will now instantly fight on just like other units who have a similar special attack.
• Hades - Fixed a bug that would decrease gold income for a Hades if he had researched Vaults of Erebus and then garrisoned the relic Ring of Nibelung.
• Osiris - New Kingdom Pharaoh's damage bonus versus myth units has been reduced from +700% to +400%.
(Regular Pharaohs also have +400%; a previous patch change equalized the movement of the extra Pharaoh to the original Pharoah, this is now the last thing that needed equalizing)
• Atlantean - Female (hero) Atlantean Citizens have their "cutting down tree" animation reduced from 2 to 1 second. This will make them no longer cut down Gaia Trees slower than male (hero) Atlantean Citizens. This does not affect gather rate in any way.
• Atlantean - Burning Pitch gives Hero Arcus & Hero Turma +50% damage bonus vs ships, down from +150%.
(All other archers receive +50% damage bonus vs ships and there is no reason why the heroes should get more since they also don't get more versus building etc.)
• Theia - Lemurian Descendants now affects Atlantean heroes as well (+9 LoS).
• Hyperion - Fishing Ships can no longer be targetted by the Chaos god power.
• Atlas - Harpies (neutral flying creatures) can no longer be sucked into an Implode. Previously, if one was sucked in, the sphere would not detonate.
• Atlas - Son of Osiris can now be sucked into the Implode, previously he was immune (it will deal 140 damage).
• Hekate - Nereids are now affected by Mythic Rejuvenation.
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