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DE Balance

by everaoc - 1053 downloads

This mod allows you to play AoC with an updated balance.

  • Custom Hotkeys: Copy your player.nfz and player#.hki files to this mod's folder.
  • Auto Farms & DE overlay: Modified versions of UserPatch 1.5 with those features.
  • Translate to Spanish: Use the language.ini file found in the Spanish language folder.

Standard Cartography. Allied vision edition available here.

Auto Farms Logo by Pancrol
Conquerors Shadow Fix by gag2000
Construction DE Graphics, Mediterranean DE Set & Slavic DE Set thanks to Narjana
DE Buildings thanks to hujianshi
DE Eastern European Wonders thanks to Balam Ajaw
Fixed Wall Foundations by JustTesting1234
Magyar Buildings fix, Imperial East Asian TC & University by Gwotyng
Modding tools by Keisari Tapsa and Ruralist
Resource editor by Angus Johnson
Short Walls by DollarAkshay
Steppe Lancer and Xolotl Warrior graphics thanks to fknabyss
The Forgotten Empires team

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