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MSM3 - Map Pack

by Chrazini - 140 downloads

(This map-mod only works with WK)

The official map pack for the Memb Supporters Masters 3 tournament. This mod includes the following six maps and one map pack:
• Arabia
• African Waters
• Grand Bara
• Mirage
• Dustbowl
• Mired
• Big Freeze
• M3 - Random (randomly selects one of the six maps above)

Due to some terrain restrictions in WololoKingdoms, the terrains in MSM3 - Random may appear different on some maps. This has no effect on gameplay.

To play the maps, choose custom maps in the in-game lobby and search for the following names:
[email protected] - African Waters.rms
[email protected] - Grand Bara.rms
• M3 - Mirage.rms
• M3 - Dustbowl.rms
• M3 - Mired.rms
• M3 - Big Freeze.rms
• M3 - Random.rms
• M3 - Arabia.rms
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