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Fan Patch 1.6

by _Nakamura - 1123 downloads

The balancing of AoT Deathmatch is entering it's final phase - this patch will create a game environment where most gods have a relatively equal chance of winning.
In addition, the FP fixes the game's bugs, and provides map fixes from the "Fixed maps" mod.

The change log from 1.5 to 1.6 is as follows:
(entire log from the original game to 1.6 can be seen on the info site)


• The Fan Patch now supplies the "Voobly's Fixed maps" maps

DM Greek Changes:

• Underworld repair rate reduced from 50% to 30%
• Perseus' special attack range increased from 15 to 18
• Chiron's range increased from 14 to 16
• Poseidon's stables are now built 5 seconds faster

DM Egyptian Changes:

•Funeral Rites will now increase the bonus damage of Priests against Fire Giants, Mountain Giants and Colossi by +200%

DM Norse Changes:

• Portable Ram hack armor increased from 5% to 10%
• Odin's Ulfsarks now have 10 more hitpoints
• Odin's persistent regeneration increased from 0.9hp/s to 1hp/s

DM Atlantean Changes:

• Fire Siphon population cost decreased from 5 to 4
• Fire Siphon crush damage increased by 5%
• Halo of the Sun(Helios) upgrade effect (on siphon damage) reduced from +25% to +10%
• Dryad cost reduced from 170 gold back to 150 gold
• Argus Hitpoints increased from 400 to 450
• Gaia: Hero cost reuduced from 3 favor to 2 favor
• Fanatic bonus damage against mercenaries(both) and war elephants increased by +100%
• Kronos now receives his favor discount for Heka Gigantes
• Arcus and Turma heroes now receive the prior +10% damage buff
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