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I personally like the AOK community is growing again and that is why I have the need to help this community to be kept alive the AOK. Then with this guide will try to explain and plot how to play in this map to improve your CBA games.

This guide is based on basic idea of how to play CBA.

The reason for this guide is to illustrate the correct use of Civs and use of units, how to attack and defend yourself, how to improve technology, how to get Raz and get Villages, how to build and how to use Ages (Feudal Age - Castle Age -Imperial Age).

Another point will explain the use of Sabs and Kings ( a difference that has the AOK-CBA with the AOC-CBA).

Explained the purpose of this guide, I will start.

I - Map Analysis

To start playing, we must know something basic about the map :

• Knowing the positions of our allies and enemies,

• Know the area / dimensions of the map,

• Know who is next to my base,

• Know the tools in the mini-map,

• Know Heros,

In the following image you can see some of these things.

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A golden rule in CBA and in almost all scenarios, the order of the colors must be respected, ie, p1 (Blue), p2 (Red), p3 (Green), p4 (Yellow), p5 (Teal) p6 (purple), p7 (gray) and p8 (orange). If someone does not respect this order and the host launch the game, this error will generate a game error with which you will be automatically ejected from the game to start.

Tools of the Mini-Map

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Heros - The King and Saboteurs

The map has help with some hero (no matter cililizacion) and these heros are The King and Saboteurs. I have to explain this because This king and Sabs will help you for protect your gates or your castles and on many occasions, the game. Now, at this point, I just try to illustrate the location of them on the map.

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The following image shows the state of your Resources, Population , Current Age at start of game

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In the following sections of this guide, will explaining some the tips to start playing. So please pay attention.

II - Civilizations - Game Play

The AOK has a variety of interesting civilizations all with different styles. Classified in Archer civs, Infantry Civs and Cavalry Civs.
Many players (except experts) do not know this that all civilizations have their advantages and disadvantages against other.

A slight review of civilizations and their styles :

Archer Civs : Britons, Chinese, Mongolsand Turks,

Infantry Civs : Japanese, Celts, Goths, Franks, Teutons and Vikings,

Cavalry Civs : Byzantines, Persians, Saracens.

For a general reference of Archers Civilizations, they have a very good attack range against any infantry civilization and in some match and depending on how you exploit the qualities of this civilization ( ie, patrol, runer, micro etc) can win against some Cavalry Civs.
Archery Civ usually are the best in team play games because they can support your allies ( with infantry and cavalry units ) without losing his units. And the advantage of these civilizations is evident when used in the team games - support - because they get more kills ( understand Kills as deaths in the units of your enemies) and Having this advantage in Kills, these civilizations can reach Castle age and Imperial age faster than other.
Then to give a general conclusion of these civilizations these areare superior against Infantry and in some match against Cavalry.

Some characteristics of the Infantry Civilizations are that they can make a perfect rush to the castles of your enemies or be used as a shield - support - in some attack of some partner whit archer civs.
These civilizations are good against archery ( for example : Goths vs Brits/Chins/Mongols because they have armor against arrows ) and against other infantry civ ( for example : Teuts vs Celts ).

The Cavalry Civilizations are usually in the team games who will block - par excellence - to the units (infantry) of your enemies and against Archer Civs does not always will win - for example Byzantines vs. Mongols - The Byzantines can do nothing against a good patrol of Mongols -> lose.
And playing against other Cavalry Civs - for example - Saracen wins vs the Byzantines and Persian win vs. Byzantine.
The Cavalry are a perfect adhesion on the team games especially against infantry ( exception : Sarra vs Teutons and Persian vs Teutons in Feudal Age ).

*Note: This guide is intended for a team game, the matchs 1v1 whit same civs requires more attention.

The following table will explains this whit more details.

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*Note: Remember this, all civ start being archer, infantry or cavalry, but advancing age, they can change or have variations in the creation of more units, this means that having Byzantines - for example - (cavalry) you can convert them to this, in the imperial age, in a archer civ.

Then to start a good game and having the minimum error, always starting the match, you should check what civilization have your allies and your enemies to get an overview of the game. ( as seen in the picture )

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Once explained this essential step, the next step is to use the Game Chat with your allies to begin creating a Game Plan of a team attack or or defense. The game plan is a strategy based on the civilizations that you have to take full advantage with them.
The Chat Game is essential in any game, then always remember to use this - talk to your allies - (to use the Chat Game must press the ENTER key on the keyboard and write).

Other features to consider:

As you know, units are created by the map itself, and the time depends of the civilization too. These spawn is very important because you have be careful about lose units (if you lose all your units, your enemies will get raze and village).

Spawn times (in game-time seconds)

- Byzantines - Cataphract: 10 seconds

- Chinese - Chu Ko Nu: 7 seconds

- Britons - Longbowmen: 9 seconds

- Celts - Woad Raiders: 8 seconds

- Vikings - Beserks: 8 seconds

- Turks –Jannisary: 10 seconds

- Teutons - Teutonic Knight: 10 seconds

- Japanese - Samurai: 8 seconds

- Mongols - Mangudai: 10 seconds

- Persians - War Elephant: 14 seconds

- Saracens – Mameluke: 12 seconds

- Goths – Huskarl: 8 seconds

- Franks - Axeman: 9 seconds

III - The Units - Characteristics and Qualities

To have a better use of the units, you must use some hotkey and these vary according civilizations and the settings in you game.

The basic and general hotkey are following :

a) Attacks Commands

* Patrol HotKey -> Z - ( it makes your units automatically attack when they see another units) -

* Guard Hotkey -> X - ( your units guard a selected unit ) -

* Follow Hotkey -> C - ( your units will follow unit selected ) -

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b) Stances

These hotkey depends according to the types of civilization that you have.

* Agressive Hotkey -> A

* Defensive Hotkey -> D

* Stand-ground Hotkey -> N

* No-Attack Hotkey -> O

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Suggestions and Recommendations

- Tips for Achers Civs : Use Stand-ground ( N ) combined whit Patrol ( Z ) then press stop ass soon as units groups.

- Tips for Infantery Units : Use Stand-ground ( N ) combined whit Patrol ( Z ) to enemy when units touch switch to Agressive ( A ).

c) Types of Formations

* Line HotKey -> Q - ( line beat box formation ) -

* Box Hotkey -> W - ( Box beat flank formation ) -

* Staggered Hotkey -> E - ( Staggered beat line and box formartions ) -

* Flank Hotkey -> F - ( Flank beat line and Staggered formations ) -

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IV - Attacking and/or Defending

For now, I will explain how to attack or defend in a team games because the matches 1v1 or 2v2 require a more detailed explanation which will be explained later in special guide.
In this section of the guide, you already should know what civilizations are your allies and your enemies and know where in the maps are located.
The attack and defense is based on teamwork, in control of your units and support your allies units ( shield ).

One of tips in a battle is to control on your units, do not let your units stop working and all the time trying to maintain control and to help in this use the hotkeys ( depending the type of civilization that you have ).

a) Reinforcement

Always in the battle you will lose a percentage of the amount of pop of your units, then at this point comes into play other important tips called Reinforcement.
Reinforcement understood to mean the constant sending units into battle is constant or regular sending units into battle, generally, many players will wait for 15-20 units or a full pop or full group before sending units again to battle and in these cases sending reinforcement can be a big mistake.

To have the minimum error whit reinforcements keep in mind the following points :

• The position of your ally or enemy,
• The number of units have your enemy,
• Talk whit your allys,
• Send out units while patrolling ( Z )

Sending reinforcements [4 - 8] spawned, could determine who has control in the battle and take advantage. The attack must always be a team.

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b) Support :

This is a really important points when you play cba, and it is because this map is intended to teamwork.

You should know that the support means: Partnership in attack, in a rush, a defense, preparing Raz for those who need urgent, make wall Allied bases, speak in Chat-game whit your ally, make sure everyone knows WHO is taking the first or next raze.

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c) Rush :

Must be a team attack, the Rush can be executed in any of the ages, (Feudal, Castle or Imperial) but he rush is usually used in feudal age and this dependent of the civ you have on the team.

• Feudal Rush : This attack must be executed in a manner Effective, Fast and Deadly because when an attack like this u probably will feed the other team. To attack at this time you must have , in your team, one or two Infantry Civ (are par excellence to rush the Celts, Teutons and Vikings) or some Cavalry Civs civ (par excellence the Persians)combined whit Archer Civs.

The basis of this attack is to kill your enemy or just or alter his spawn of units ( each base has a 4 line , 1 per Castle ).

Note : Never try to make a Rush whit full archer civs in your team > lose.

How to execute this attack ? Here Five Golden Rules :

1 - Know what Civs are your enemy,

2 - know the location of them on the map (spot),

3 - Develop your technology in the blacksmith,

4 - Use the-Game Chat with your allies to create and start the plan of attack,

5 - Use full pop,

While you are running the rush, always remember the needs of your team, that is, if someone needs , Razes, Sabs, etc. to take advantage and make the most of this attack.

Below some photos for this attack


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Do not worry if the first time could not do, the idea of this attack is to learn to play in Team-work.

Other tips to get more benefits

• Have a plan of attack.

• Use and develop your technologies in the blacksmith

• Priority for weaker civilization of your team.

• Give Raz (village) to the civilization in your team that most need.

• Protect the weaker civilization, until he manages to make walls.

• Attacking in team, never alone.

• Talk continuously with your allies.

• Use and exploit all the qualities of each civilization.

• Be attentive to the movements of your enemies.

• Find weaknesses in the plan of your enemies.

• Using spies on the map - ( whit your units ) -

• Alert your allies for a possible attack on his base.

• Protect the Raze ( Gates and Towers ) of your allies with SABS.

• Repairing doors and gates of your allies, preventing your enemy to get villagers.

• Taking care of your resources.

Note : attacks in Castle Age and Imperial Age will be explained later.

V - Technology - Blacksmithing and University

The AOK-CBA has two blacksmith and a university, the time in the development of improved and another is minimal ( 5 - 10 sec ) and dont affect whether you're playing a team game, but it does affect when is 1v1/2v2 same civs.

This is very easy and simple. To never fargot upgrade the units in the Blacksmith and University use shortcuts:

- CTRL + S -> Blacksmith

- CTRL + U -> University

* Note : TURKS do not start the game with a blacksmith and VIKINGS start the game with CASTLE AGE researched. All other civ's do not.

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VI - Razing and Villages

Many players do not know what is Raze or what are they? The raze is an important part of the CBA and sometimes the game depends on them. In this part of the guide, I'll try to explain it the best way for you to understand easily.

Should be understood as Raz :

- Gates ( G1, G2, G3 )

- Towers (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 )

- Building ( Stables, Archery-Range, Barracks, Monasteries, etc. - Everything we building )

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Before starting to explain how to take Razes is necessary to expose the utility of the King in these situations. Beginning with King.

The King : the kins is a hero, many times, could help win the game. King can be used in two occasions unique :

1 - Prevent your enemies take razes form your gates,

2 - And to survive a rush attack.

King Ranger :

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So please pay attention to how to use them at the right time because, in the case of King, you can only use it ONE time so you must use it wisely.

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When you want to use your king, you must move it to the flag

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The range of the king at your base(including your entry)

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King vs Rush

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Surely now you wonder, how to get a raze? There are many different ways to take a raze according the type of civilization that you have. We will split them in: Range Civilization (all Archers + Frank + Sarra) and No Range Civilization (all Infantry non counting Frank cause have range + Byz+ Persians).

Razing whit Range Civilization : Mongols, Brits, Chins, Turks, Franks, Sarra.

To take Raze with this civilization is necessary to use Patrol (Z) + Stand-ground (N).

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Razing whit NO Range Civilization : Japanese, Teutonic, Celtic, Byzantine, Persian, Goths, Vikings.

To take raze whit this civilizations, we will use the hotkeys Stand-ground ( N ) combined whit Patrol ( Z ) to enemy when units touch switch to Agressive ( A ) and if there are no enemy units , attacking the gates ; but on this occasion, must use two groups, with Group 1 attacks the doors and the Group 2 wait outside the distance range of the King.

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Razing vs King Ranger : Remember that all bases have a king of self-elimination with a range up out of the bases. This king is generally used to prevent anyone to take raze , or an imperial game to survive the attack of some rush.

King vs Range Civilization :

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King vs NO Range Civilization :

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No. of Razings required before villagers can be recieved

Depending on your civilization, you may have to raze more buildings to recieve villagers. In the following list establishes the amount of Razes you need to get villager.

- Byzantines -> Cataphract: 3 Razing

- Chineese -> Chu Ko Nu: 1 Razings

- Britons -> Longbowmen: 1 Razings

- Celts -> Woad Raiders: 2 Razing

- Vikings -> Beserks: 2 Razing

- Turks -> Jannisary: 2 Razings

- Teutons -> Teutonic Knight: 3 Razings

- Japanese -> Samurai: 1 Razings

- Mongols -> Mangudai: 1 Razing

- Persians -> War Elephant: 5 Razings

- Saracens -> Mameluke: 3 Razings

- Goths -> Huskarl: 1 Razings

- Franks -> Axeman: 3 Razing

Note : For every razing you get 2 villagers (up to 10 razings), For every 2 razings after 10 razings you recieve 2 villagers (up to 26 razings).

When you raze one building, you got one saboteur, this units is very usefull in both way:

1) It will help you to defend your gates from your enemies

When a group come to your gates, you send your sab in passive way

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Then you put it close to your enemies and you delete it

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2) It will help you to raze building (gates or castles)

Once you get a few sabs (4 or more) you can send them to the castle so you can raze quickly. But send units first so castles don’t kill the sabs….

Recommendations : send Sabs in passive, non-attack.

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VII - Buildings

Building construction is based on the use of your base, build speed, and organization. You need to use the most of your base to maximize your production.
Some civilizations are faster than others in constructing buildings and units.

Exploit the space of your base with your constructions, to get more profit and advantage.

a) Back - Ground : This is the largest base in order to build and and here you can build 18 stables, or 18 Archer-Ranger or 18 Barracks.

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b) Frontal Base : this sector of the base is smaller but can be very useful if you plan is a quick attack or you can use it to build siege. In this part you can build 9 Stables , or 9 Archer-Ranger or 9 Barracks or 4 Sieges.

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c) Walling

The wall, in many games, is used to defend, but many players do not know how to make that wall properly. Then in the following images, i will try to illustrate how to make a perfect wall.

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d) Making Multi Units

To make multiple units from building hold down Shift, this will allow u to 5 units in one click. Bellow are the default hotkey that can be used in conbinations whit Shift command.


* Light Cav -> T

* Paladin -> N

* Camel -> C

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Archery Range

* Arbalest -> A

* Skirmish -> R

* Heavy Cav Archer -> C

* Cannoneer -> E

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* Pikeman -> E

* Champion -> S

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Note : Always when you are building, repairing or walling, watch and pay attention to your village, and There Is Hardly a chance of anyone going to rush your vills, move it and put in one of the castles or towers to protect.

VIII - Advancing Ages

On this map you can’t get imperial age with your town center, you must kill units for reach imperial age. The numbers of kills depends of the civilization you have.

- Byzantines - Castle Age: 200 kills, Imp. Age: 400 kills

- Chinese - Castle Age: 175 kills, Imp. Age: 450 kills

- Britons - Castle Age: 225 kills, Imp. Age: 450 kills

- Celts -Castle Age: 100 kills, Imp. Age: 300 kills

- Vikings - Imp. Age: 450 kills

- Turks - Castle Age: 350 kills, Imp. Age: 700 kills

- Teutons - Castle Age: 175 kills, Imp. Age: 300 kills

- Japanese - Castle Age: 225 kills, Imp. Age: 300 kills

- Mongols - Castle Age: 300 kills, Imp. Age: 700 kills

- Persians - Castle Age: 600 kills, Imp. Age: 850 kills

- Saracens - Castle Age: 400 kills, Imp. Age: 650 kills

- Goths - Castle Age: 100 kills, Imp. Age: 225 kills

- Franks - Castle Age: 175 kills, Imp. Age: 250 kills

What can you create or use in Feudal Age / Castle Age or Imperial age? The following pictures will explain it, always depending on your civilization.

a) Feudal Age : This age is almost never used to create units, except in some match walling base whit out civ + being camp.

Note : Out Civ = have bad civ / Camp = base close to the wall and not leave it , and trying to provoke your enemy to come in and feed you.

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b) Castle Age : At this age can quickly won or lose, it depends on civilizations

You must login into Voobly to view image

Note : As you can see Vikings is the only civilization which starts with castle age, so the best strategy with this civilization is get raze quickly.
Once you reach castle age you must upgrade technology(blacksmith) depending of the civilization you have: If you have infantry you must upgrade infantry’s technology, if you have archers is very important upgrade archer’s technology cause it will give you more range, and that will make the difference.

C) Imperial Age : at this age, the idea is to make a good rush of units. To maximize this, it is best to quickly develop the technology in the Blacksmith and University and you have to build very fast.

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Note 1 : - Use Hotkey,

Note 2 : - You can also expand your buildings ( stables, archery ranger, barracks )out of your base combined with towers.

Note 3 : - IMPORTANT Using the middle will makes your stone decrease rapidly, but all other resources(except stone) will increase.

Guide By Nyamala and supported by Divano

( Aka Ch3TurK and Furry_Gay_Proud )

© All Right Reserved ©

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