How do you boom?


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Posted 29 April 2011 - 2:09 am
In this thread: how you boom. I want to see other players' boom tactics, and what they do when they get flushed/drushed/castle rushed. Preferably post how you boom on BF, as it's the map I play most and I want to improve on it, as I am stuck at the 15++-1600 range in RM general.

standard civ with 3 vils:

vil 1+2 build 1 house
vil 3 builds 2 houses
scout gets all sheep then goes on defensive near a choke hole/gap to be walled later (if there is one and you're not in the pocket)
vil 1-6 sheep
vil 7 lumber camp, 8-9 on wood
vil 10 on boar, then depending on whether I have to wall or not I loom and put vil 11 on wall (when boar is finished just get another vil to lure boar)
vil 11 wall or wood
vil 12 builds mill then 13-15 berries
vil 16 builds another mill near deer, 17-19 deer (18 builds house along the way)
vil 20 build second lumber camp then 21-23 wood (23 builds house)
vil 24 mining camp near the big lump of gold, 25 mine gold too
then if i have time 1/2 more vils on wood.

then in feud - my usual feuds 12-13 minute mark

>make 2 vils at TC
>3 woodcutters on a market and a blacksmith (2M and 1BS)
>1st vil made on gold
>2nd vil made on wood

then in castle - my usual castles 16:16 - 17:30 minute mark

>drop 2 TCs quick 1 near stone 1 near gold
>buy stone with gold and build another TC then boom.
>stone wall near 21 minute mark
>I start building my army just before I click imp and as I go into imp, building army buildings as I go into imp.
>press imp at 27-28 minutes.
(get wheelbarrow and hand cart when ever I can get them)

then in imp - around 30-33 minute mark

>do all upgrades for army, attack.

additional info = I always have a bad game if I have a bad start, it feels pointless to try as I get p****ed off easily (haha). Also I panic most of the time at flushes or castle rushes. if I'm in feud age, if an enemy sneaked a vil in; I panic and completely forget about eco.

A little pet peeve of mine = I hate it when my build order messes up or I don't do certain things in time.

So, please please post your booms, would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot - FlipSwitch

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Posted 30 April 2011 - 4:04 pm
I'm no special Rmer, but BF is an easy map to wall in and boom in.

In castle designate every 60 wood to new farm, only harvest the resources you need to boom quickly (i.e. wood and food 1st priority, a couple on stone for new TCs, gold in late castle unless your decide to rush in castle age or flush with archer).

For me 130 villager boom is plenty to support army and upgrades in anything, but every Rm player is different. Each civ is obviously different, and also depends whether you outright boom, rush, sling or w.e.

Other piece of advice is not to panic. Wall early, keep scouting and keep eco working. You can build houses in economy like secondary walls to protect parts of eco as well. If you get easily pissed off you can't concentrate or think clearly and opponent gain huge edge with just mental advantage.

I'm sure better Rm players will help you in more detail.
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Posted 30 April 2011 - 7:44 pm
Make sure you mine plenty of stone.. if you get flushed just throw some towers up.
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Edited 2 May 2011 - 12:33 pm by __Ben__
- You didn't mention when u get wood upgrades or farm upgrades. Get 1st wood on feud if u have the food, hard to say what number that is without feeling ur eco, rought guide is about 850. 2nd wood at castle. 1st farm during castle transition, 2nd farm around the same time as wheel. Try to wheel when u have 15+ farms, or 55+ vils.

- You will only need 3 vils on gold if u want to buy 100 stone for 4th tc, alternately u can do 3 on stone and sell 200 stone to get gold for castle upgrade. You can delay ur 4th tc, if u are having idle tcs in castle, how u write is like u make 4 tc. You don't have to make tc on gold or stone, make on wood is best, if wood near gold stone make there, u can use mining camps.

- I'm not sure what u mean by if u have time make 1/2 more vils on wood, up to castle depends on civ and wether u spent time walling.

- You don't have to use deer. Use only if deer r close and u have a good hunting civ, if good farming civ (or china ally) farms r fine, or just put a few more on berry.

- If u find urself sneaked often and have trouble with it, try looming early and sending ur 4th vil to wall with ur scout. Don't make 4th tc and use stone to stone wall if u r having trouble with castle attacks. You don't need a perfect boom if ur gonna die to something else.

- maximise ur economy with mills and wood pits to save travel time, even with less vils u can often have more eco if u do this. And it will pay off in the long run.

- Since ur stone walled, speed isn't super important, if u want over boom and click up a bit later. Just make ur eco better than theirs and u should still win.

- Practice

[You must login to view link]

here is an example with mongols, not perfect but good enough for u to learn from, mong is one of the easiest civs to boom with.

Oh u may have trouble following this, I don't use build order, I just feel it.
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Posted 2 May 2011 - 12:44 pm
Btw in real game, maybe 2 spots to wall, ally won't steal ur sheep, I could use scout to lure deers, I could use scout to lure extra boar, I could lure boar with vil to mill by berry. Using this I couldve been way stronger, but I didn't want to get too advanced for you.
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Posted 2 May 2011 - 1:30 pm
well 2 questions, ben - how do you turk rush, and how do you stop a turk rush? (imp rush i mean)
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Posted 2 May 2011 - 2:25 pm
oh u want a Fast Imp example?? I'll do one tomorrow for u, sleep now. GN
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Posted 2 May 2011 - 3:17 pm
k couldn't sleep, gonna crash soon, but while u wait u can check out [You must login to view link]
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Posted 3 May 2011 - 6:36 am
Ok the trick to fast imp is u make alot more vils in dark and make more food eco in dark, u put alot more on gold from dark and feudal so when u reach castle all u need to make is uni+seige then click up. I made a nice noob way to do it, this is up too late and with too much res, but might help u if u have trouble with ur eco micro.

Noob way:
[You must login to view link]

Alternately u can check out the expert way and try to copy that. [You must login to view link]

GL, btw personally I think Fast imp sux. Especially on BF team game.
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Posted 3 May 2011 - 9:20 am
a turk wont do FI on arabia for sure.
he is most likely to do that on arena,and the best counter for turk Fi is monks and mangonels.
the main idea is to fend off the attack for 3-4 min coz his eco is weak.

his army woudl mainly posses hand cannons,bombard.1-2 hussar.monk.
easily wid mangonel and vill and monk u can hold him off till u get imp make some realy army crush him.
best counter to turks FI are eagles and monks
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Posted 22 May 2011 - 7:30 am
Actually..monks is a bad choice..monks and mangonels would be raped by hussars alone..

Xbows would be a better option..As shown by those daut vs kkab training games.
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Posted 24 May 2011 - 11:14 am
try going 30 vills in dark, and see how smooth it makes ur transition to castle and booming. If u playing BF u can afford to be a bit loose on ur times...think of it like changing gears, u will sacrifice some time but get it back and more later ^^.
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Posted 26 May 2011 - 3:01 pm
well a turk Fi wont have hussars,he will have only one hussar......moreover only good scouting can win u match versus Fi,mass kts is a great option agaisnt early FI economy.i dont think u would like to go X bow agaisnt bombards its suicide,skims and monks are good tooo.
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Posted 14 September 2011 - 5:39 am
lol...its better do some cavary...or even light cavary ....
because turks don't even have pikeman...
they will own him for sure...
and never go for the best units i have...
i always check enemy's week unit and do some mass unit against them...
its a better option untill he will try upgrate and will own him...
because he never try to go for week units and never use to build or upgrates too early..
and you can check turk FI...if he goes late feudal and castle still top on score can predict he is doing extra on gold and you can do cavaliers in castle and rams..first eat his units then break gates and start killing vills on building and gold....and along rams on tc..try to protect rams to be touched by units....when you think his vills get in...then use cavary to kill same you were raming...vills get out soon...and its upon you how you hunt them..
and mean while do more and more rams...i am sure he will resign soon...
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Posted 14 September 2011 - 6:34 am

FI primarily means no upgrade IMP attack...which consist of MONKS,hand cannons,bombard cannons and the only one hussar u have as a scout........

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