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Kings Move is a large map, with a large island to the top, and huge island in the middle and a smaller island on the far right and another on the left. Your base is located on the middle island. You start with a 5800 Hp Wonder, surrounded by +1000 AP Bombard Towers. Your base is surrounded by a double layer wall (10K HP) and two gates at 4K HP. There is a giant elevated middle called the "ARENA". The green section offers a +10HP and +1AP power up every 60 seconds. In your base, you only have 1 spawn, which feeds from the front of your wonder. The maximum population you can have is 100, and a limit of 40 per unit type.

Base setup is below;

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The Arena is below;

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In the top island, you will find a King and a bunch of GAIA units locked in stone. These are units you can spawn inside your base once a king is put into the allocated area (maximum of 40 for all units), and you can make any unit you want (if it is unlocked), any time you want by tasking your king to the allocated position. Take care when tasking kings, as if you don't allocate is correctly, units will not be created, and if you task it onto another players king accidentally, your King will automatically run to the starting position.

There are 5 possible levels for unit selection, with the bottom level (1st level) unlocked after the intro is finished (runs on timer). Each level consists of 8 unique units, and every level unlocks 8 more units, stronger than the previous level. The level unlocks as follows;

1st Level = After timer is completed, 2nd Level = 100 kills, 3rd Level = 250 kills, 4th Level = 500 kills, 5th Level = 1000 kills.

There is also a 2nd level and 3 more kills unlocks; 6th Level = 1500 kills, 2nd King = 2000 kills, 3rd king = 2500 kills (Note: It is extremely rare for games to reach 1500 kills)

Razes only result in extra resources.


Starting Age: Post-Imperial Age
Maximum military population = 100 (40 per unit)
Best civilisations = Japanese or Britons (Japanese most used)
Map Revealed = Yes


I'll be describing the Japanese start since 98% of players use it.

The starting introduction takes 60 seconds to complete and then the stone wall disappears allowing you to task your king to the unit you want to create. Samurai are the most picked unit, due to their speed and attack bonus. Once you have created 40 (or any other number), send your king to the Champion and create 40 (or again, what ever number you feel is best), and then afterward task to the Arbelest following the same formula. Keep switching between Arbelests and Champions as they are close together on the spawn island so your king is always creating units (you can try different strategies like skipping Samurai, or mixing Axeman into the start, whatever suits your game play).

The stone wall;

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When the timer finishes, you'll have access to the unit store;

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As for the game play, patrol samurai out from your base towards the middle since it provides an AP and HP bonus. Watch out for enemy units walking past your patrol as a distract, since your men will target these and follow them, which can hurt your kill count and map control. Best way to avoid this is to keep control of these groups of men and constantly manage them. When you use archers, you can choose to patrol, or to send on stand ground to the green section. Working with team mates, bunch your archers together while your infantry units create a "meatwall" effect to protect your archers, hopefully gaining you control of the middle.

The rest of the fighting until 4th level is self-explanatory.

At 100 kills, task the king to the next level (you'll receive a huge message on the screen telling you've reached 100 kills). From now on I'll label the best units to mix and match;

2nd level = Paladins, Plumed Archers, Heavy Cavalry Archers
3rd level = Mameluke, Cataphracts, Janissary
4th level = Subotai, Harald Hardraade
5th level = Genghis Khan, Charles Martel, Saboteur (limit of 3 at a time)

Once you reach the 4th level, it is time to think about rushing an enemy or to continue gaining kills for stronger super units. Personally, I like doing both at the same time, but you can end up feeding the enemy unnecessarily for them to catch or pass your kill count. The idea behind rushing the enemy is to make them defend in as many spots as possible, since the spawn only creates one unit at a time, so hopefully you can find that hole, breach the base and start attacking their Wonder. Although the Bombard Towers deal a lot of damage, the Wonder is relatively easy to destroy, meaning it can be destroyed in 1-2 successful rushes.


- Using 2-3 units to distract (manually tasking them across enemy patrol lines to a point on the map away from the middle and battlefield) is a very handy way to build up numbers and momentum in the middle fight. To counter this if others do it to you, you'll need to manage the groups you patrol towards the middle closely, and re-task them if they are caught in a distract.

- Archers are best used on the elevation in the middle, in tight groups. These are your most important units for securing the "ARENA" for the advantage on kills over the duration of the game. But don't let this deter you from using them they way you see fit.

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- Be wary with your king, place it in unit spots where they won't get trapped in by other kings. While it is bad sportsmanship for a player to leave their king in the way, it isn't against the rules. Be proactive and you won;t suffer this problem. Also be careful when tasking the king, being sure you don't click another king or miss the unit spot allocated area altogether.

- When you reach the 5th level, always try to rush with Martels + Khans + Saboteurs. The bigger the rush in number, the more damage you'll inflict on walls, or the easier it is to kill enemy units defending spaces.

- Don't get trapped into blindly patrolling like a lot of players do. Make your units do the best job possible and gain the most from them. Your blind patrol might not be hurting you, but it can hurt an ally and cause them to be overwhelmed.

- This map is all about team-work and using units together. Be sure to understand and sync your starts together. If you go behind from the start, don't worry since it's a map where you can turn around a bad start and win in the rush.
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casi no ponen este grandioso y legendario mapa...ojala lo vuelva a ver nadie lo juega por que?
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yo lo quiero jugar y no sale en el chat
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i've played this map before but i lost it when i bought my new computer can any one give it to me in any way , a download link maybe please. !?

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