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Voobly’s Community Clash: Teams edition 3v3


Since more and more people know about our mod, I think we can try to showcase one of its new features, the fixed positions option than allows players to be flank or pocket and thus draft the civilizations accordingly. As with previous instalments, the tournament will use the new 1.6 Community Patch.

The prices will consist of premium memberships and badges on your profile.

Tournament format and Dates

Tournament format

The tournament will have two phases:
  1. A Round-Robin phase where teams will play gainst everyone else and earn points for matches and games won. Matches in this phase will be best of 3.
  2. A best of 5 final between the two highest scoring teams. There will also be a best of 5 consolation match to decide the third place.

Match organization

Teams will agree upon a time to play on their own and then submit the recorded games to the tournament organizers. There will be a dedicated thread for each match in the tournament’s forum for teams to speak. Players should use this mean of communication as it will help to keep track of contact in an open way, should we need to award an Admin win.

Recordings will be submitted by sending the link to the games in the dedicated match’s thread.

Matches should be played before their assigned deadlines, see bellow. In case the matches have not been submitted, one of the players will receive an admin win randomly.


All rounds of the tournament will have a week to be played. The deadline of each round will be the corresponding Sunday at 23:23:59 UTC-12 (see the current UTC time [You must login to view link]).
  • Registration: Until Sunday, October 2nd.
  • Phase one, round one: Until Sunday, October 9th.
  • Phase one, round two: Until Sunday, October 16th.
  • Phase one, round three: Until Sunday, October 23th.
  • Phase one, round four: Until Sunday, October 30th.
  • Phase one, round five: Until Sunday, November 6th.
  • Phase two, Final: Until Sunday, November 13th.

Should a team not be able to play during the whole week, they should communicate the issue to the tournament organizers as soon as possible.

Absence loose

Should a team be unable to contact their opponent and set up a date for the match, the team that made the effort to contact the other will receive an admin win. The messages in the dedicated match’s thread will be used for this purpose.



Every team willing to participate should write in Registration thread, leaving a link to the accounts they’ll be using. They must play all games of the tournament using that account.

Teams can consists of at most 4 players. Teams with 4 players can share members with another team.

Players with no team

If a player wants to play but does not have a team to do so, they can leave their name and they will be added to a list of players in the first message of the Registration thread.

It is their responsibility to contact players from that list to form a team. The organization will not make teams for them.


In the first phase, teams will be randomly placed in the brackets, making an effor not to pair high ELO teams in the first round. In the second phase, teams with two wins and zero losses will be paired against teams with two wins and one loss. Should anyone wish to check that this process was indeed random, the script that generates the brackets will be published.

Game rules

Game restarts

Teams will not have restarts available.

Admin restarts

Teams can request a restart in situations where their maps are bugged or otherwise failed to generate in the intended way. After a restart, civilisations and colours must remain the same.
  • The moment one of the players detects a potential bugged generation of the map, they will pause the game to discuss it.
  • If all players are able to see the bugged generation in game, they will discuss there whether it qualifies for an admin restart.
  • In case one of the players can not see it (as it may be in the fog of war), the other players will take a screenshot to show the opponents and players will save and exit the game. Players will discuss whether it qualifies for an admin restart in the game room.
  • In case that players don’t agree upon whether or not the generation is indeed bugged, they will resume that game, finish it, play all the remaining games and then replay the game that had the bugged generation with the same civilizations as before. They will inform of this situation when submitting the recordings. Tournament organizers will decide on the bugged generation and either use the original game or the backup one for the score.
Players can ask for this type of restart while during the game or when the game finishes and the map is made visible. The messages regarding this must be visible in the recording. After players leave the game, it will be understood that they ignored the bugged generation.

Situations that qualify as a bugged generation:
  • More than 50% of the sides on a player-specific gold deposit, stone deposit or forage bush cluster
    are inaccessible.
  • Any herdable or wild animal that belongs to a player is trapped or in any way inaccessible.
  • Any player-controlled units are trapped or in any way inaccessible.
  • Any player-specific object, such as resource deposit buildings, wild animals or villagers, fail to generate in the intended amount.


Players are permitted to do anything that the game allows, including, but not limited to, walling in resources, blocking or killing villagers and killing enemy herdable or wild animals.

This does not include deletion of straggler trees around the Town Center.


Players will only pause a game if they, or their opponents, are experiencing severe issues that are directly affecting the game and their ability to play.

The player pausing the game will also be the one to unpause the game. Before unpausing, the player pausing the game will ensure that the opponent is ready to continue.

Game settings

Game room settings

All parties are equally responsible for making sure the lobby settings are correct before launching a game.
  • Games will be played in the Tournament 1 lobby, using the VCOM Ladder.
  • Games will use the v1.6 Game Data mod and the v1.6 RC patch.
  • Spectators must be allowed.
  • Hidden civilisations must be enabled.
  • A spectator delay of exactly 2 minutes is required.

Game settings
  • Game: Random Map.
  • Map Style: Custom.
  • Location: See map pool bellow.
  • Map Size: Normal (6 players).
  • Difficulty: Standard.
  • Resources: Standard.
  • Population: 200.
  • Game Speed: Normal.
  • Reveal Map: Normal.
  • Starting Age: Standard.
  • Victory: Conquest.
  • Team Together: Check
  • All Techs: Uncheck.
  • Allow Cheats: Uncheck.
  • Lock Teams: Check.
  • Lock Speed: Check.
  • Record Game: Check.


Maps for this tournament will be published in a separated mod. Players should download this mod as the maps in it will have the fixed positions option enabled.

The first map will be played in DE+FP_Arabia.

Subsequent games will be played in any of the following maps. The team that lost the previous game will choose the next map to play.
  • DE+FP_Team Acropolis
  • DE+FP_Gold Rush
  • DE+FP_Cenotes
  • DE+FP_Cross
  • DE+FP_Arena
  • DE+FP_Oasis
  • DE+FP_Hideout


Games may be played with any civilization. Players can not repeat the same civilizations in the same match.


The prize distribution in the will be the following:
  • First place: 2 months of premium membership and badge in the profile.
  • Second place: 1 months of premium membership and badge in the profile.
  • Third and fourth place: badge in the profile.
None of this prizes will be awarded should teams advance due to a random win.

Random events

Should we need to randomly choose between two players for an admin win, the choice will be carried in the following way, to ensure fairness:
  1. The account numbers from each player will be used, these numbers are shown in the URL of the profile page.
  2. The player from each team with the lowest account number will be chosen as representative.
  3. The numbers of all players will be added.
  4. That number will be used as a seed to generate a random number through the page [You must login to view link] Except for the seed, no additional options need to be chosen.
  5. If the generation produces a number strictly lower than 0.5, the representative with the lowest account number will receive the admin win for its team. If the generation produces a number higher or equal than 0.5, the representative with the highest account number will receive the admin.
This process can be replicated by anyone and will always yield the same result.

Tournament administrators

These administrators will come into play should we have a bugged generation that requires ruling.
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Players and Teams

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Voobly Team

Join Date: 30 November 2018
Posted 30 September 2022 - 5:54 pm
Seeing the number of teams that have sign up, I'm going to change the format of the tournament to a Round Robin.
Teams will play against everyone else in a league. After that, the two best scoring teams will play the final and the next two will play for the third place.
I'll be sending the matches on Monday. People have until this Sunday to sign up
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Voobly Team

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Edited 2 October 2022 - 11:47 pm by +[email protected]
I've published the current teams in the RULES thread. Tomorrow morning I'll send the first round of matches.
You have until then to submit teams.
Remember that, if you don't have a team, it is your responsability to form one from the list of players.

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