AOK2 - Return of 2 Late 90's gamers


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Greetings to all that view this.

My forum name is the one I used in game play in the 90's for AOE, AOE 2, Rise of Rome and AOK 2 via Ensemble Studios.

My buddy and playing partner of that era, Bismark; are returning for a laugh and some fun. We are from the era of Maimin Matty, The Sheriff, Park, the LCN Clan, Nicholas Cage, Andeizi and of course.... Arch Koven the legend of the day..... The Viper equivalent of old. The guy who always wanted Chinese (and grey) and was pretty much unbeatable with a 2400+ rating.

Thank god for the Mr Fixit website where you could download recorded games so you could see their strats. The Crush, (Chinese archer rush), Smush (Saracen Monk rush invented by The Sherrif - allegedly 8), Mongol tower rush........... These were all new strats back then and were a shock when they hit us and we would copy etc etc. Laughable to many of you these days.

We have had a look at vids of current top-ranked players and there is no way in hell we could even compete at that standard which is way beyond our capabilities.

We might be cheeky and ask some fo the top ranked players as a favour if we could be on their team for a one off game and/or have a Twitch player film our game for fun to see how bad we are.

Black forest, walling, no painting (old slang for agreeing not to build in other peoples bases for 20 mins
- yes we did have those types of honoury agreements) team islands, and hours of fun.

We have our discs up to the AOK Conquerors only. Doubt we are going to get into the very new civs which will probably be completely ancient to many.

Anyone able to let us know how we begin to get onto voobly and start having fun again?

Much appreciated, and thanks for looking.
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If you have the AOC discs, that's all you need game wise. Appart from that you need to install the voobly client.
Once that's done, you can download some visual mods for graphics or data mods to have access to the new civilizations and balance.
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Many thanks

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