Castle TD is a Team Tower Defence game where two teams compete with each other by defending their own castle. Castle TD follows the same shop system which all of us are very much familiar with. It fixes and improves a lot of features available on old AOE TD maps alongside bringing in new gameplay style and balance due to Latest User Patch 1.5 which otherwise would had needed a mod to come up with all of these new features and improvements.

Gameplay: Each team have to defend their Castle by building towers and doing timely Castle Upgrades, the team with the last standing Castle wins the game. For certain gold amount depending upon the difficulty selected by the host or automatically chosen whether Easy (2000 Gold Per King),Medium (2500 Gold Per King) or Hard (3500 Gold Per King) each player receives one King which can be used to get Tower and castle related upgrades alongside resource ones. Players need to make use of Trade and Relic system to effectively increase their King Count and buy necessary upgrades. After Wave 10 Players can make use of food store to send units over opponents area making the upcoming waves hard for them. Each Player has one panic option which can be used to save Castle at the last moment. In order to properly defend the Castle team members are required to cooperate.

A total of 6 Players can play this game in following ideal ways = 1v1 , 2v2 or 3v3 other than this 1v3 or 2v3 like odd combinations are also possible where P1,P2 and P3 are in Team1 and P4,P5 and P6 are in Team 2 remaining P7 and P8 being computers. The units of Player 8 represents approaching enemies while units of P7 represent Food store units bought/sent.

Resources: Standard
Map: All Visible
Victory: Standard
Lock teams: Yes
Lock speed: Yes
Team together: Yes

Refer to page Castle Tower Defense Official Page for civilization bonuses, gameplay mechanics and more.

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