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== Dark Forest ==

In Normal games Wild animals such as wolves looses there importance and extinguishes threat level to players starting since feudal age and for the remaining game become obsolete.
Dark Forest brings a huge twist by making wolves never obsolete in the normal game and maintaining the same threat level to players starting since Dark Age up until post imperial as with time progresses wolves get stronger and stronger.

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Gameplay :The game works just like normal aoe 2 game however players face an additional threat from wolves throughout the game. Forcing the player to derive new strategies to tackle this new threat and can even find ways to use this against opponents as well.

Modes : Depending upon the map difficulty chosen by the host at the lobby as well as inside the game the wolves strength varies. Whether in terms of attack, Line of Sight, Spawn rate as well as the times required to unleash the Super Wolves from the center Cave. Following are the available in-game difficulty levels :-

Easy : Least Threat ( Wolves Spawn less frequently and receives no damage bonus with time )
Medium : Adequate Threat ( Increased Line Of Sight for wolves along with Damage Bonus )
Hard : Alarming Threat ( Faster Spawn Rate, More Line Of Sight makes center cave available much faster )

Map : Map is a mixture of Wolf Nothing, Forest Nothing & Gold Rush. Each players receives limited amounts of Gold & Stone. However plenty of Gold, Stone & Relics are available to the player at the center of the map near the wolf Cave. Forcing all players to come out for resources at the center. The cave becomes available to players after certain amount of time depending upon the difficulty levels created by the Host. ( Hard mode for quick access and easy mode for late access. The Cave has lots of sheep supply to the player who enter first just with one BIG disadvantage. The wrath of the wolves. Wolf Cave is protected by two wolves "Super Wolf" and "Guardian Of The Forest" if any player enters the cave the two said wolves will break free OUT OF BOUNDS and create mass havoc upon humans. Usually they prefer attacking the Greedy Human Player who entered the Cave. Super Wolf directly starts attacking Human Colonies while "Guardian Of Forest" Wolf hunts human mainly in the forest. The center of the map can be said to be the safest place for players hence making it a sweet spot of attraction for all players.

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nice map, dm me for play !

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