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Castle TD is a Team Tower Defence game where two teams compete with each other by defending their own castle. Castle TD follows the same shop system which all of us are very much familiar with. It fixes and improves a lot of features available on old AOE TD maps alongside bringing in new gameplay style and balance due to Latest User Patch 1.5 which otherwise would had needed a mod to come up with all of these new features and improvements. To know all the changes made refer down below.

Gameplay: Each team have to defend their Castle by building towers and doing timely Castle Upgrades, the team with the last standing Castle wins the game. For certain gold amount depending upon the difficulty selected by the host or automatically chosen whether Easy (2000 Gold Per King),Medium (2500 Gold Per King) or Hard (3500 Gold Per King) each player receives one King which can be used to get Tower and castle related upgrades alongside resource ones. Players need to make use of Trade and Relic system to effectively increase their King Count and buy necessary upgrades. After Wave 10 Players can make use of food store to send units over opponents area making the upcoming waves hard for them. Each Player has one panic option which can be used to save Castle at the last moment. In order to properly defend the Castle team members are required to cooperate.

A total of 6 Players can play this game in following ideal ways = 1v1 , 2v2 or 3v3 other than this 1v3 or 2v3 like odd combinations are also possible where P1,P2 and P3 are in Team1 and P4,P5 and P6 are in Team 2 remaining P7 and P8 being computers. The units of Player 8 represents approaching enemies while units of P7 represent Food store units bought/sent.

Resources: Standard
Map: All Visible
Victory: Standard
Lock teams: Yes
Lock speed: Yes
Team together: Yes


::: Castle Upgrades :::

Castle upgrades are cheap yet crucial. Teams can cooperatively upgrade castle from time to time. There are total of five levels for each of the four available upgrades such as HP boost, AP boosts, 2x Castle Regeneration and Summon Destroyer. Each level upgrade requires 1 King. With effective upgrades Castle HP can be Boosted from Base 5000 HP to 10000 HP and Castle AP from Level 1 - 20 AP to upto 600 AP. Following is the list of available levels :-Updated%20Table%2031-12-20.png

To check status of upgrades see below castle area where relics resemble each of the above upgrades and the flags reflect the Level upto which Castle has been upgraded by the Team.
As can be seen from the above image blue flags represent current level of the upgrade for Team 1. Starting three upgrades haves been leveled upto 2 of total 5 levels that is 2/5 and the last upgrade has been leveled upto Level 3 and only two levels are remaining for it. In this case it is 3/5. For Team 2 the flags will be colored yellow behind there castle.
Near Castle Space for building towers will be available for use after Wave 30. The towers built there will receive super tower status by receiving +2 AP every 5 Second making them the strongest towers available after some time.

::: Panic Options :::

Each Player has one Panic option in the form of Fish Trap that can be deleted to save Castle During Adverse Conditions. However, players receive randomly one panic option of the three :--

1) 3000 HP Heal - Instantly Heals Castle by 3000 HP

2) High Speed Regeneration - Replenishes castle HP over 30 Seconds upto 4000 HP

3) Blast Enemies Away - Blows away all enemies near Castle area

::: Food Store :::

Food Store is available to use after Wave 10. Can be used to buy units that will be sent over enemy area one by one once wave start or is on-going. All the purchased units will be visible below the food store. Both teams have their own randomized food units with varying stats. Units to be sent can be boosted with HP, AP, Speed and Armor with a cooldown period of 2 minutes each ( Can be stacked with team mates meaning possible to give units bought 2 times or 3 times more armor or HP ) Following are the boosts available at food store.

::: Civilization Bonuses :::

::::: ( Aztecs ) ::::: Faster Trade Cog Speed
::::: ( Briton ) ::::: Free 2 Power Towers
::::: ( Byzantine ) ::::: Super bombard towers and +500 Castle HP - Can be Stacked
::::: ( Celts ) ::::: Lumberjacks work 60% Faster
::::: ( Chinese ) ::::: +2 Starting Villagers and +1 Villager to each ally - Can be stacked
::::: ( Franks ) ::::: Free Castle Age, +500 Stone and +800 Wood
::::: ( Goths ) ::::: Trade carts move faster
::::: ( Huns ) ::::: 100 Population Limit but slow Trade Carts
::::: ( Japanese ) ::::: Requires Only 75 Kills for one free king instead of 100 Kills
::::: ( Korean ) ::::: +20 Castle AP and +2 Range - Can be Stacked along with other team mate's bonus
::::: ( Mongols ) ::::: 15% Increased Tower Attack Speed and Accuracy
::::: ( Mayans ) ::::: Stone Miners work 50% Faster
::::: ( Persian ) ::::: +1000 Starting Food - 2x Food Bonus - 40% Faster Food Gatherers
::::: ( Saracens ) ::::: Market creates Trade Carts faster
::::: ( Spanish ) ::::: Builders Work 30% Faster
::::: ( Teutons ) ::::: Starts with Imperial Age
::::: ( Turks ) ::::: 2x Power Tower Attack and +100 Power Tower Attack to allies
::::: ( Vikings ) ::::: Dock creates Trade Cogs faster

Default AOE civilization bonuses continues to exist such as Turks : 15% Faster Gold miners. With allied bonuses some interesting civ combo's can be formed by the team such as Byzantine + Turks + Korean for high Defence Team etc.

Frequently Asked Questions :

=> What has been improved/fixed ?
The map brings multiple changes and fixes to old system which were not possible at that time with the old available AOE patch. Following are the improved gameplay features :-
(A) Relic Monks : In old TD games when a player wanted to purchase multiple relics with 1 king on one go they had to buy first then delete all monks after capturing relics then buy again and repeat. If this was not followed it will lead to monks getting spammed too much and clogging the population limit. Even if the Monasteries are full the game still allowed players to purchase relics unlimited number of times. Sometimes players used to send 2 kings one by one 1 which usually resulted in waste of kings since relic already bought at the first time negates all future purchasing just immediately after first purchase if the relics have not been picked up.
In multiplayer games having to do all of this coupled with few seconds of delay decreased the player’s efficiency to have an effective resource chain set up.
*Castle TD tackles following issues :-
1) When a player wants to purchase multiple relics in one go he can send kings 1 by 1 to the flag with some interval without having to worry about King Loss or Relic Loss since all the relics gets stacked up and none of the king gets wasted.
2) Whenever a new relic is purchased the game itself removes idle standing monks and creates fresh ones so players need not waste time deleting monks when they have plans to purchase it multiple times. If not players can delete them manually. The game however will not remove any monk holding relic hence securing player from any further loss.
3) Monks can be standing over the flag including the monks holding the relics, still none of that will stop/hamper relics from spawning hence avoiding any king loss/relic loss.
4) When the capacity of both the Monasteries is full the game stops players from buying relics unlimited number of times. Hence avoiding any king loss.

(B) Spamming Free Villagers : To spam free villagers players just needed to construct Watch Tower over transfer villager spot and get free villagers spawned.
* Possibilities like spamming free villagers without having to spend single king have been avoided.

(C) Unidirectional Villager Transfer : Half side of the relic works in old TD’s to transfer villagers while the other half side is used to receive villagers from the other side but vice versa is not possible. Same thing happens both at the build area as well as Resource area.
*Castle TD breaks this old custom and makes it Bidirectional instead of Unidirectional transfer, that is villagers can be transferred from any side of the area whether right or left of build area or resource area. Each and every relic placed for transfer acts as both transfer and receive villager spot. There will be no villagers lost if player stack all villagers for transfer.

(D) Impossible Villager Micros : In old TD games it was impossible to keep a track of numbered vills especially when they have been either transferred from one place to another. They even changed from male to female villager indicating they are not the same villager anymore but newly spawned ones.
*Castle TD does not eliminate numbered villagers and they will never get removed while transferring. There is no shift from male to female villager since the villager remains the same preserving player numbering micros as they won’t get vanished.

(E) Player 8 units getting stuck at one place : One of the frequent things observed in old TD games is sometimes player 8 units gets stuck at some player’s area. Giving that particular player advantage over there opponent and making game unfair.
* Castle TD has been optimized to avoid such results and maintain smooth game flow for each player. Likelihood of such occurrence is minimal since so far in the testing process it has not happened. One thing to be noted is that certain user’s system can make game stutter which is different from lag (since lag is due to connection issues). Such stuttering can mess up with things for any scenario. The stuttering is visible to all players in terms of frames drop (that’s what it appears like visually) and has nothing to do with the map itself.

(F) Slow/Dizzy Camera Movement : In old TD games whenever relic is purchased or some other thing which forces the player vision camera to move across the field is found to be slow can make one dizzy if been used multiple times. There is no option given to the players to disable camera either.
*Castle TD uses instant camera movement which immediately swaps player camera to the desired location without dragging through the whole map making player’s response fast. Each player is also given option to completely disable this effective camera movement as well by bifurcating Camera Movement into further useful classes. One related to Villagers Camera Movement when they are being transferred from one place to another and the other camera movement related to all shop related purchases such as relics. A Player can decide whether he wants to disable Villager Camera Movement only or the shop one or he can disable both altogether. Each player is allotted one sheep to change such settings.

(G) Absurd Unreadable Health Values : Old TD maps used high health values that completely destroyed health bars and made it unreadable for the players. This was due to the fact that old AOE patch lacked Armour related upgrades hence only crazy health values was the well sought option for that time.
*Castle TD being based on the latest patch version available avoids such high values even with same amount of available Levels/Waves in the game.

=> What's New/Different ?
( 1 ) Team based Castle Defence with Castle upgrade system.
( 2 ) Randomized Panic Options Available.
( 3 ) Randomized Food store. Both the teams have their own randomized food store.
( 4 ) If difficulty not chosen by the host within 1 minute the game can randomly auto pick any difficulty level rather just picking easy mode all the time.
( 5 ) Player friendly revamped King’s Shop arranged and divided based on necessary purchases. Inclusive of new items, castle upgrades and varied prices.
( 6 ) Civilization bonuses which whole team can take benefit as a whole.
( 7 ) Civilization bonuses made possible without having to use mod such as 15% Increased tower attack speed and accuracy (Mongols), Faster Trade Carts Spawn (Saracens), Faster Trade Cog Spawn (Vikings) etc.
( 8 ) Optimised waves in terms of HP, Attack, Speed and armour.
( 9 ) Anti Cheat and anti military system enabled
(10) Resource bonuses work a bit differently. Player gets half the bonus upon reaching one flag and other half on reaching the other flag.
Stone, Food and Gold each are having two bonus flag, both of them being separated by one stockpile of the resource. When bonus is obtained player gets notified and the flag changes into the color of the player.

=== Castle TD V3 B1 === .scx (file size: 119.55 KB)
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Nice Additions and tweaks to Classic TD. ;good
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A very fun map!
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im impressed
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