Norse water map


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Posted 29 October 2020 - 11:00 pm
I have some trouble playing Odin on water map :
Basically, any half competent greek I go up against advance at 4:30 and I never have the time to throw a third dock, and because I advance a little later I always get outproduced boat wise so sea always lost
I think there's no way for norse to advance at the same time, so if any pro are here give me some tips
I checked keen gaming loki water guide but it doesn't work well enough

Thanks for your attention
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Posted 22 November 2020 - 5:56 am
You can look at [You must login to view link] or ask on the forums, you'll probably get more response that way - there are some good Norse players that will have ideas, or simply download recorded games either here or on RTS-S and take inspiration on how other players play it.

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