Game Executable not launching


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Posted 25 October 2020 - 2:19 am
Hey guys. Trying to get a game of Age of Conquerors going with a friend.

Works for him, with same install files, same linked executable (manually linked and tested), both on windows 10.

For me, all looks good, but when it says 'the game has started' the game doesn't launch (again, launches for friend, same files, same lobby). I have tried running voobly as administrator, no luck. Any idea what is blocking the executable from starting? It looks like it thinks things are started on my on my PC, as it says the game has started in a popup window.

On my friends end, if he is hosting, he says it tells him I had a problem starting. Again, launches fine for him.

Sophos virus protection

Game has been approved for firewall.

Game patched (both of us)

From previous attempts at using in-game connecting, a few ports are forwarding and DMZ is activated (router settings)


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Posted 25 October 2020 - 11:03 pm
bobgoulsby wrote:
Sophos virus protection

Some antiviruses disable launch of an "Infected" or "Malicious" file from executing.

Please make sure you are using a legitimate copy of Age of Empires 2 Expansion pack, othwerise it may work in some computers while fail to start on others, depending on Protection level of the Windows.

You can use in-lobby Game Diagnostics feature to check if all the required files are Genuine or Corrupted.

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