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help! running WINE and no lag BUT shows as fast proxy to 90% of users.


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Posted 11 August 2020 - 2:08 am
I started playing a year ago and I am able to play matches with no lag, maybe very slight lag but it could be other players, however I always show as FP and people tell me I have a good ping, so how can I fix this?

I have a macbook pro updated to Mojave, so I am running AOE2 through WINE (unofficial wineskin app) since it's the only app that let's me run Voobly/AOE2 on mojave. As for my internet, my only option is my phone, I am constantly moving so I am an actual nomad. Sometimes a friend comes over my place and we play in 2 macbook's over the same hotspot and we have zero problems. However, when playing with people around the world, I get kicked out 9 out of 10 times. just because it shows as fp. It's very frustrating to have to explain/ beg that my ping is good/ i am on mac bla bla bla. however, some people let me play because they say, "well your ping is low so i trust you" so how can I fix the FP problem?

I have tried switching to ports 2310/16000 , I have tried VPN from my phone, however when I try to use a VPN from the laptop it actually doesnt let me log in on voobly. After entering my name and password it just gets stuck on 90kbs downloaded or so.

I have also checked my firewall and make sure nothing is blocked for AOE or voobly.
I am able to watch netflix with no interruptions on high quality. I did a speed test from my laptop and it says 13 ping ms and 16 mbps upload 16mbps download.

I am guessing to find a solution in WINE/Voobly maybe there is something I could tweak in either of these two softwares.

Please help me find a solution, that doesn't involve buying a windows computer. thanks!!

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Edited 11 August 2020 - 5:22 am by Kicking

My suggestion is as followed:

1) Using a 3G/4G will always get you FP to almost everyone.
2) Using VPN's is not suggested as you could lead into problems.
3) I recommend you to use Boot Camp (macOS feature) to install Windows in your computer; this way you won't have any compatibility issue or have to buy a Windows computer.
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Edited 12 August 2020 - 1:51 pm by [TiRex]sanwololo
Hello, thanks for the reply!

I had actually used bootcamp before but I noticed my MacBook was struggling more with graphics than when just using WINE in fact.

However if I were to go back to try bootcamp, I still would be stuck using my phone's hotspot therefore as you said I will for sure have fp right? So is my solution only to not use my phone's hotspot?

It seems weird to me since I am able to watch HD streamings with no problems using a hotspot, even using two computers using the same hotspot, but aoe2 which is 20 year old doesn't seem like it needs the latest tech for fast internet. :/

Thank you all for your support
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Posted 13 August 2020 - 3:22 pm
I tried using a few VPNs and it didn't work, however I realized every VPN company I was using for free was giving me a different country, and different problems, so I thought to keep looking for more VPNs until one would just fit into my needs and I have found it. Now I am not fp and it looks very smooth. Now I just have to test it for a few weeks and see how it goes. What are the common problems that people have using VPN? you said is not recommended.

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