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Japan has the best military since every single unit has very high attack and hp + daimyo and wonder bonuses that stack, giving you a very versatile army. You can literally just hold your ground and attack your enemy at the same spot and drain him. On average, Japan always has the highest units killed in post game stats.
But Japan also has the trickiest economy to set up in the 40 mins treaty time. Proper villager distribution and adjustment of villagers to different resources as needed is done a lot to get the perfect 1800+ score.
Here's two recorded gaes. One i tried doing offline withou taking any treausres and trade posts. The other is a 2v2 where i got sheeps from my ally and treasures. Tho there isnt much difference in the score.

=====> Age 1
- Gather resource crates and que first batch of villagers. Move 5 villagers to cherry orchard. Rest to wood. All new villagers go to wood. Make shrine with your monk and set shrine to food.
- Make market. Get food upgrade first, then wood, then the last market upgrade for 5% all resource gather upgrade.
- Make constulate with 4 villagers. Set constulate to Portugal (decreases wood cost of buildings)
- First shipment Heavenly Kami (cheaper shrines). Switch shrine gather to wood.
- Start making shrines with your explorers only. Try to make shrines near animals. If animals arent close, dont worry. Make shrines anywhere you can till you reach 20.
-2nd shipment Exotic Hardwoodwords. 3rd shipment Team Chonindo.
- Once all 20 shrines are set, switch all villagers to food and shift shrine to gather food.
-You'll have about 680 food by the time you have 22-23 villagers. Portuguese from constulate lets you age up with lower food (680 instead of 800) and also makes your building cost cheaper.
-Age up with Toshuguru Shrine using 4 villagers. Keep 5 villagers on food and shift all others to coin. Get coin upgrade from market.
-4th shipment Advanced Constulate.

=====> Age 2
- Move the 4 villagers that made wonder to coin. You'll need 10209 food and 1000 coin to age up again.
- You'll be able to age up to age 3 as soon as you reach age 2.
- Age up with Torii Gates using 8 villagers. Get 2nd wood cutting upgrade and the last market upgrade that gives 5% bonus to all resource gather rate. Now move all villagers to wood for making 2 more towncentres.

======> Age 3
- 5th shipment Refigerations
- Make Towncentres near a mine. Make one TC with both explorers. Once you have exact 510 wood again, make 2nd Towncentre with 6 villagers.
- Get remaining market upgrades for food and coin.
- Now distibute villagers to coin and food. You need 1700 food and 1200 coin so distibute accordingly.
- Age up with the Shogunate using 8 villagers. Change Contulate to Dutch and get Bank, church and ****nal from dutch constulate. Then Switch to Spain.
- While aging move some villagers to wood to collect 500 wood for shrine upgrade (costs 500 food, wood, coin) Then shift villagers back to food/coin
-6th shipment rice paddy rickshaw. 7th shipment 2nd rice paddy rickshaw. Bild both paddies at the back of your Towncentre.

======> Age 4
- Get shrine upgrade.
- Distribute villagers so you hit exact 4000f and 4000 coin for age 5 .
- Age up with Golden Pavillion using 8 villagers
-Get 1500 xp from Spain Constulate and shift it abck to Portugal.
- Get last wood upgrade from market.
-While aging up make sure yu have 1000 coin and 1000 food.
-Once you have 1000 food and 1000 coin move ALL villagers to wood and cut the crap out of the wood in your base to make room for building.

=====> Age 5
- Immediately get Imperial wood cutting upgrade from market.
- Switch shrines to coin. If in team game you can ask your partner to send you sheeps to boost your shrine resource gather rate.
- Next shipments you will send all cards that boost food gather rate from rice paddies,
-Get all upgrades for rice paddy food gather rate.
- Once all upgrades for rice paddy food and shipemnts are done, make 4 more rice paddies and 50 to gather food.
- Now start upgrading coin gather rate for rice paddies.
- Get 1500 xp bonus from church ann send all coin gather upgrades and shipments,
- When all trees from your base are cut down, move 30 villagers to gather coin from rice paddies. Keep 10 on wood. 30 on coin, 35 on food.

-Start making base and walls with no more than 3 villagers.
-Lay down the foundation for your barracks, stables adn castles then switch from portugal to spain in constulate. Laying down foundatiion of buildings while allied with Portugal Consutlate will give you a nice discount to your building wood cost.

- Get all upgrades from ****nal, Goldne Pavillion and church.
- Next shipment Shogun Tokugawa.
-Max out all army upto 199. Then get the large constulatre army (costing 2100 export) to get a massive overpop.

Put your Daimyos and Shogun to Stand grouynd mode and keep them at the back of your army so they dont get killed.
Army should be composed of 10-12 flaming arrows, 40 AShiguru musketeer, 15-20 Naginata Rider and 20-30 Yumi Archer and at least 2 Morutarus.

Record Game 1.age3Yrec (file size: 971.88 KB)
Record Game 3.age3Yrec (file size: 1.14 MB)
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Nice =) .

So basically, Flaming arrows is my first choice of anti-artillery?
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Nice =) .

So basically, Flaming arrows is my first choice of anti-artillery?

Flaming arrow anti-infantry, anti-artillary yup. Dont waste their shots on buildings.

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