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Posted 17 June 2020 - 5:03 pm
I've seen so many players spam themselves to death in treaty games.
Sure you have instant ifantry with Russia but Russia infantry is also weaker than other infantry.
And god forbid, the amount of halberdiers I see. I just laugh away at mass halberdiers running around trying to reach theur target while getting picked off by ranged infantry.

Are you a Russia player in treaty games? Are you wondering how to reach newer skills than you currently have? Well heres some tips from me. Russia is the civ which I consider to know the most about since its been my main civ for many games. Heck i even use it vs France in 40 min games and win If I dont make noob mistakes. I'm not flaming anyone but the most nobish mistake you can make with russia is to spam your infantry and get punished for it by draining your economy and getting countered 100%

1) Army composition

This is the single most aspect that players must focus on. Your units are cheaper and train instantly. Abuse this, and always always counter your enemy units.
You may spam too much musketeers in panic and find your 50 musketeers fighting 50 skirmishers. Which means you jsut wasted your resouces on musketeers that will be killed my skirmishers just like that.

Your ideal army composition must be 30-40 strelets, 5-6 horse artillary, rest cossack/musketeer. The idea behind this is that Your strelets /musketeer act as meatshields while Horse artillary deals most damage to enemy army. Keep musketeer as anti cavalry and flank enemy skirmishers/artillary with Cossacks when you get an opening.
And do not forget to make culverins for taking out enemy artillary. 2 shots from culverin kill one artillary. So 2 culverin to kill one artillary.

2) Halberdiers

DO NOT make halberdiers. Everyone agrees on this. Halberdiers are expensive, Slow moving and get killed before msot of them can reach your target. Sure it may seem that mass halberdiers wreck your opponents army with their high hand attack but ranged infantry will always kill them cost-efficiently.


This is your main unit. Its cheap. Its a meat shield for your artillary. Its anti-infantry. So it wont die as nearly fast to skirmishers as your musketeers will. And its also anti light cavalry. So ranged cavalry and Heavy Infantry is weak against your strelets/
Pluts Strelets are very ccheap so even if you lose them too much you arent losing much economy.

4) Cossack

Your hand cavalry. Its weaker than other hand cavalry but also costs 1 pop. So please do not waste them by foghting enemy units head on. Always use them to flank enemies unprotected skirmishers/artillary/villagers.

5) Cavalry Archer
Your anti-cavalry cavalry. Only make these in small amounts. Just enough to counter enemy hand cavalry.
Cavalry Archer is weaker than dragoon with no ranged resistance. So make just enough to get you out of a tough situation involving hand cavalry.

6) Musketeer

Your panic saver. Trains instantly. You'll find yourself in situations where you just spam too many musketeer if you panic and dont analyze your situation clearly.
Keep only 10-15 musketeer out at a time to provide anti cavalry support to your strelet and artillary.
If say you are fighting a cavalry heavy civ (France) Then shifting to musketeer +Cavalry archer is your option. Otherwise dont overspam too many musketeer.
You can quickly make musketeer to protect your artillary from hand cavalry provided you have a blockhouse right behind.
So the only situations where you should be going heavy on musketeer is when
--- you need to quickly protect your artillary
--- Your enemy is going heavy on hand cavalry
--- You have your shipment that allows musketeer to build fort and you have to build it for map comntrol and forward base.

7)Map Control

Gaining map control is comparatively easier with russia since you can make walls and barracks/stables much faster. Map control is essential for you to instantly spam army at your enemy flanks.

8) Cost-Efficiency.

Like I've said many times, the key to playing Russia is to stay as cost-effective as possible. Your units are cheap. But dont waste them. Dont send Cossack to dragoons or musketeer. Dont send Strelet to fight Cavalry. Keep your unit deaths to a minimum and always have full army out. You can make army pretty fast so staying 200/200 pop is essential.


Time and Time again I have seen players using Opri****s to attack skirmishers and artillary. This is a Waste of pop and resource. Opri**** is only to be used to destroy buildings/raid settlers. In combat Opri**** sucks. Use Opri****s only to quickly destroy enemy buildings or raid enemy settlers. Main unit to destroy buildings should ALWAYS be mortar.

10) Score

By the end of treaty you should haev around 2000+ or at least 2000 score. I frequently have 2200+ score with Russia using unique church card (free veteran adn guard upgrades for all units) + Church army + ,Minute Men overpop.
Russia is a food heavy civ. So you should have more settlers on mills. Say 42-48 on food rest on coin/wood. Food gathers the fastest so if you go heavy on artillary then you might face shortage of coin so adjust your villager distribution.

So long story short, Russia is damn powerfull in the right hands. Staying cost-efficient, taking map-control and countering enemy as best as possible is the key.
Practice maeks perfect. Peavce ^^
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Posted 26 July 2020 - 10:12 am
and for treaty 20 they are strong
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Posted 23 October 2020 - 8:19 pm
also have block house close to battle tooth tooth tooth

i think ...

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