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[TR20] British Cow + Manor Boom


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Posted 9 June 2020 - 8:07 pm
Heres a rec game of mine playing as NotJohn_P_GoldLeaf using British. I purposely didnt take any treasure to keep the boom as realistic as possible. Made many noobish mistakes and bad villager management but it turned out pretty okay. This is to give a general idea what you should be doing as British in an NR game (20).

British are a versatile nation with a solid army of musketeer, longbow, hussar and rocket. They haev the best musketeer and hussar, dragoon with all stat boosting cards. So having Musketeer vs Skirmisher isnt as bad since you haev a cow powered economy to keep your production stable.
Good military and Good eco makes British a hard to master but a hard to beat civ too.
You can simply use manors for boom but IMO Cow+Manors is really the way to play British to its full potential.

Age 1:-

Seperate villagers on to crates and que first villaagers immediately.
Keep 5 on food while rest and new villagers go to wood till you can make 1 manor and 1 market.
Get food upgrade from market. Adjust villagers to coin/wood to get it. Now move all villagers to food to get wood cutting upgrade from market. Now again keep 5 on food and move rest villagers to wood till you have 2 more manors and a livestock pen.
Building order ---- Manor, Market, Manor, Manor, Livestock pen.
1st shipment --- Ranching(allows cow production from livestock pen)
2nd shipment--- Stockyards (livestockfatten faster)

When 1 livestock pen is made, move all villagers to food till you have made 10 cows.
Now keep 5 villagers on food adn move the rest to wood to make second livestock pen.
Now move all villagers to food till you have 10 more cows made (20 total).
Now again keep 5 villagers on food and distribute rest to wood/coin till you have 150 coin, 150 wood to get livestock fattening upgrade from livestock pen.
Now keeping 5 villagers on food, move all villagers to wood and make manor near trees and mines whenever you have 135 wood.
3rd shipment---Team Wood Staple works (livestock fatten faster)
4th shipment--- Fulling mills (gather rate from livestock 300%)

By the time your 4th shipment arrives your cows will start to fatten. Now is the important part.
Use one villager per cow so you can remake cow as soon as it is killed. Keep making manors till you have all 20 made.
As soon as you get 800 food, age up with 200 coin + 1 outpost wagon.
get coin upgrade from market and move all villagers to mines. Distribute 10-15 villagers to different mines.
Put both livestock pens to a shiftkey group (e.g shift+1) so you can immediatley select livestock pens and remake cows.
Put all your manors to shift+2 group and set their gather point to nearby trees for age 4 shipment.

You will have enough food and coin to go directly from age 1 to age 4.
If a mine runs out then move the villagers to nearby mines or trees.

Age 2:-

Immediatly age up to age 3 with 400 wood crates.
Get second coin upgrade from market. Gather wood if needed to get it (200wood) and then reput the villagers to mines.
Get 2nd wood upgrade from market
Start making wall with the wood from 400 wood.
By now your mines might be running out. Move the villagers to wood if this happens.

Age 3:-

Immediately go to age 4 with 1000 coin crate.
Get 3rd wood cutting upgrade.
Make a church and get Mercitalism (1500 xp) to get more shipments

Age 4:-

Now you can either go to age 5 or stay in age 4
I prefer staying in age 4 and get my base and mills/plantation and army ready.
Going to age 5 now isnt very good since you have to make army and wont have resources for age 5 upgrades yet.

Assuming you stayed in age 4, Get BLABBLABLA shipment. (allows manors to train settlers)
Now use group key 2 that you set toselect all manors and que all remaining settlers when shipment arrives.
You should have more shipments ready. Get both Factories and put them to maek rockets and get faster rocket production upgrade from factory.

Move new villagers to wood and start making barracks with 4-6 villagers.
Next shipment Landgrab (cheaper mills an plantation).
When this shipment arrives make plantaions and mills near your livestock pens and move vilagers to them.
Upgrade them as well. keep 30-35 on wood rest on plantaions and mills.
Get fast infantry upgrade from church.
Next shipment Longbow men upgrade.
Upgrade musketeers and Longbow men. Make army of Musketeer and Longbow men with factories to provide rockets.


You can move to age 5 after treaty ends if you can accumulate enough resources otherwise stay in age 4.

This boom is very tricky and hard to follow step by step instructions. This is just to give a general idea of how i find it easiest to play Brits in nr20.
Practice and practice to get the hang of this.
Just remember to
1) Eat cow as soon ass possible and remake them as soon as you kill them.
2)Move villagers to nearest resource if they are idle.
3) Keep villager production constant.

Record Game 1.age3Yrec (file size: 493.68 KB)
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Posted 13 June 2020 - 1:35 pm
Hi thanks for the guide, how about putting the deck screen too?;flowers ;flowers ;flowers

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