Treaty is played differently with different civilizations. Their build order for shipments and other things varies due to different shipments available and other eco upgrades that are specific to different nations.
So heres a few basic steps that should be followed when playing treaty with any civ.

Always have viilager in que. Kepp making villagers
Always make market at the start and get the upgrades for food coin wood.
Herd huntable animals near your villagers. Use one villager and shoot far herds back to your home city/villagers to save walking time. More walking= less resource gathered.
Reach Age 3 ASAP and while going to Age 3 move villagers to wood to make 2 more TownCentres with explorer. In total 3 towncentres, all making villagers will guve a huge boost to your economy.
Dont select villager or resource crate shipments. These are only short term and provide limited benefit. Unless you are playing treaty 10 or 20 where it might be beneficial. In longer treaty games e.g 30/40, only keep long term shipments like mill/plantation gather upgrade cards and unti stat boosting cards, factories, etc.
After age 3, get to age 5 ASAP while keeping villager production constant all the while. You want to reach age 5 for capitol eco upgrades around 17-20 mins.
Have villager distribuion in such a way that you hit the 800 food for age2, 1200food/1000coin for age 3, 2000f/1200c for age 4 and 4000f/4000c for age 5 at the same time. Usually it means you want to have a bit less villager on food than coin because food gathers faster than coin.
Only gather from the reource you have upgraded fully first. E.g if you have all wood market upgrades and wood shipments sent with age 5 wood uograde, then keep most villager on wood till ypu have upgraded mills/plantation fully. Then distribute vuillagers to food/coin/wood as needed. 38-45 on food. 38-40 on coin, 10-15 on wood is a good distribution.
WALL WALL AND WALL. I can not stress this enough. After treaty ends you MUST make a forward base and make WALLS to secure your flanks and get map control + line of sight.
Having forward base and walls can allow you to play defensivelly too if your economy is running out.
Forward basing has many benefits like
----> allows you to make army near the battle field
----> gives you map control
----> lets you play defensively by pulling back and sniping enemy units with a defensive combo like skirmisher/dragoon/artillary.
----> lets you recover economy. If you have a forward base or multiple forward bases you can let enemy destroy some of it while you recover your economy. This can also allow you to help out a teammate by sacrificing some of your forward base to save your team mate.
Keep your population maxed out 200/200. Have all units out and avoid idle units. All military units should be engaging the enemy. Its a common thught but while playing you can forget your units are sitting idle somewhere.
Always have eco buildings like mills plantations factories and houses at the back of your base.
Last but not least. If your economy looks like its running out then pull back. Let your forward base be destroyed but this will give you time to accumulate more resources. Having forward base is important. Even rush players agree 21.