High Ping FP Issue due to CG NAT IP


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hello fellow members ,

i am facing severe lag issues connecting to games through voobly .

i have tried debugging the issue and found our till now the below observations

my Router IP is not the actualy IP connecting to internet - my service provider has assigned me a ip starting 100.72( Which is a CG NAT IP )

due to the above i am unable to do any port forwarding even after logging into my router program and also through cmd

every time i do network diagnostics voobly detects connections initiated through new ports which is causing more trouble

i am willing to go for VPN ( if required ) and also use fast proxy but i am not sure how to setup the same .

request for your quick guidance . i am attaching the ip address screenshot as well as the network diagnostic screenshot for reference
router ip.JPG (file size: 41.24 KB)
Network diagnostic.JPG (file size: 59.8 KB)

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Posted 23 May 2020 - 9:29 am
Hello there,

I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will need to buy a dedicated (static) IP from your ISP. Since I am using the same ISP, there is no element of doubt.

VPN is a work around that will help you connect to some players (not all). Besides using a VPN will lead to increase in latency and therefore higher in-game ping. I would advise that you consider purchasing the IP instead.

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