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Crash in trying to join any room on MS or CS


Join Date: 23 November 2014
Posted 5 May 2020 - 7:50 pm
log in fine..
on clicking room to join, window comes up, its blank, crashes in 5-10 secs

happening today
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Join Date: 4 November 2017
Edited 5 May 2020 - 9:04 pm by +Troy
Hello friend,

Please perform a clean installation of Voobly: [You must login to view link]

But before doing the step above lets try a step below perhaps save you the trouble and time of reinstalling and finding all your game datamods.

1. Make sure Voobly is allowed through any firewall/antivirus.

Edit: Keep in mind that Voobly had tested last couple days the divided lobbies to prevent stuff like this from happening. However it's now how it used to be which means there is continue lobby lag/crashes for the time being due to the server overload.

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