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Posted 4 May 2020 - 1:19 am
I know you guys are growing, but all good players are moving. Where are all the good players now? How can i find players at my rating when only 600 ppl can join one lobby. U were the best, u still are the best but its declining.

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Join Date: 21 November 2012
Posted 4 May 2020 - 1:46 am
This new system is very very bad....
I also see many people online now in first 2 MS lobby's, that's normal if you want to play with friends...

If I don't care with who I play, i go play on steam. Voobly has (had) perfect system for playing with friends and with only 600 players in a lobby you destroy this...

And.... only 100 rooms and 5 premium rooms lol, unbelievable...
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Edited 4 May 2020 - 4:21 am by Crawl_Waffl
I get that you propose solution so those 600 lobbies could work,but you literally created New thread for it while there is discussion under announcement about this changes.
There is not only one option how to solve it,and we not supposed to make new thread to each one since they compete with each other.

So to summarize the options that have been proposed:

Your option -
Lobbies by ratings - there is MANY people who are 1200-1700,they can't all fit in 600 lobby,so part of them would be cut of. Additionally,for example, if you 1700 - and there is lobby "<1700" and ">1700" you will be forced to be either MOST rated,or LEAST rated player in lobby and so in room.

Other people already proposed -
Define lobbies by maps names - there is to much popular maps and ways to play them - mods,players count etc,plus different ratings.Plus what if someone wants to play any of those maps,which one would be faster to start,but only if it's 2v2FMT or 4v4noFMT ?

My suggestion was to name lobbies like -
1v1 and FFA MS RM\DM
3+v3+MS RM\DM.

And maybe FMT 3+v3+ or 3+v3+ BF
Even if any of these lobbies would be overfilled,it can be noticed easily and be clear what people want more - so creating duplicate of such lobby is not a problem,and all people who enter second one still will be united by closest interest.
1v1 is easiest room to find for any kind of players,2v2 - most people play it when they want to play with friend,3v3 and 4v4 - many noobs like me prefer to play this way,since it kinda feels less personalized,also played by people with bigger FMT.
So no ranking edging,people who play with friends - happy,solo players happy.If needed can be easily adjusted,by splitting overfilled lobby by copy or more defined way - like 3+v3+FMT,or 3+v3+ BF since it probably most popular and very specific way to play,especially for "noobs" since normally everyone just booming in safety unlike other maps.

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