How to install wololo


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Posted 2 April 2020 - 7:50 pm
Anybody knows how to install wololokingodms? The voobly guide is obsolete for people doesn't have steam.
I have the file already. But putting it into the correct directory doesn't work
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Hello EroeDiRagnarock,

The Voobly guide of how-to install WololoKingdoms is not obsolete.

Take a look at the requirements:

- You need to play this with Userpatch 1.5
- You need to own at least the HD version with the "Forgotten Kingdoms" expansion on Steam and have it installed. Without that, using this mod is not possible.
- If you do not own all expansions, you will be restricted in the civilizations you can choose. There are three different versions of this mod: WololoKingdoms FE, WololoKingdoms AK and WololoKingdoms (the full version).
- If you are missing African Kingdoms, you will only have access to WololoKingdoms FE (regardless if you own Rise of the Rajas or not)
- If you miss Rise of the Rajas, you do not have access to the full WololoKingdoms.
- This is done automatically and all versions you have access to will be installed.

When using a pirated version of the game and/or expansions, we can not provide you with any technical assistance.

My recommendation is to get AOE2HD + 3 DLC's at Steam and after that come back here and we will help you with the installation.

Thank you for understanding :)

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