AoE II HD: Losing Connection


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So i have this issue since past weeks, where I am playing naturally AoE 2 HD matches online, everything is fine, the game runs smooth, but then... The game just freezes and all of a sudden I get disconnected from Voobly (I'll attach some screenshots of the client when this happens). Even if I hit the reconnect button, it won't let me get back in the game, kicking me out of it (besides in game showing me that everyone else disconnected and I won, I know that isn't the case because I always en losing the points). But I don't care about points, honestly, I just wanna be able to finish my games and I just get kicked from half of them in the middle of the match. It's very frustrating both for me and my friends.

What I can tell is that it isn't my internet connection. I tried it out in different computers, same wifi connection, but it only happens on this one. I ran all the connection test on Voobly, opened the ports, everything is fine according to this. So I don't know what's really the problem and how to fix it, so support told me to ask here.

Had anyone else suffered this problem and so found a solution?

Thanks you very much.
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1) Check your firewall/antivirus has Voobly on their exception list.
2) Check if the port UDP 16000 is opened correctly. Did you use your IPv4 when you opened the port?
Please also upload a screenshot of your network test diagnostics. Go to any lobby > Options > Run network diagnostics
3) Run Malwarebytes or similar to see your current status of malware.


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