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Posted 1 December 2019 - 11:00 pm
can someone tell me how to configure the buttons of the wololokindoms? I want it to work just like the conquerors.
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If by buttons you mean hotkeys, you have the option in the installation menu.

You have several options:

- Keep your current hotkey configuration: If you've installed WololoKingdoms before and want to keep your hotkeys as they are.
- Use current AoC/Voobly hotkeys: Use the hotkey set that's currently in use for regular AoC on Voobly. Note that if you choose this option, you might be missing some new hotkeys for units like Condotierros, Genitours etc. This depends on the version of the hotkey file.
- Use HD hotkeys for this mod only: This copies your hotkey file from your HD installation. Your hotkeys for AoC on Voobly are unaffected however.
- Use HD hotkeys for this mod and AoC: This changes your hotkeys for regular AoC as well to that of the HD edition.
Note that if you have an unusual configuration (If you've created/deleted different profiles in-game), the installer might not be able to identify the correct hotkey file. In that case you will have to fix it manually.

Tell us how it went.

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