Hello guys problem with new internet!


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Posted 13 November 2019 - 7:01 am
Hello guys..
I was playing aoe2 all the time no problem. And i bought new internet provider with is better then my last internet and now voobly is not working. i am all the time showing as fp for other players and they dont want to play with me. Please help me guys, this is my favorite game what i played almost everyday and now it doesnt work.
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Can you please upload a screenshot of the Network Diagnostics? (Enter any lobby and go to Options > Launch Network Diagnostics).

You will need to open port UDP 16000 from your router. Please attach a photo of your IP Config: Run > type “cmd” and accept. A black window should pop up. Type “ipconfig” and press enter.
Note: do not write the “” when typing those words.

In the meanwhile, please provide us your router brand/model. Usually, routers have their info on the back side.

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