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trying to play singleplayer campaign getting asked to insert disc


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after trying around for a couple of hours i thought i might as well ask here.
The problem is i cant play the campaigns via voobly singleplayer mode.
I also only see the conqueror and the age of kings.
So no option for the dlc campaigns though wololokingdoms is installed.

To give a little introduction i will put down the way i tried to get the AoE HD version to run on voobly.

First i tried to set everything up following this guide [You must login to view link]

Since it mentioned the use of a third party program i did use it but more on that later.
I came to the point that everything was installed and running (Voobly AoC Wololokingdom including compatibility patch for HD version)
I am able to run the game even create custom games. But when i try to play the campaigns it promts me to insert the respective game disc.

After searching a while for solutions i came across some mentions that those third party tools would not be needed and that there might be problems related to using them.

So back to the start i uninstalled everything from the base game from steam to all patches and voobly and did everything manually.
The only difference now being that i installed the compatibility patch directly into the games steam folder and directed voobly to use this gamefolder
(the third party tool created a seperate folder under Appdata which then would be patched accordingly)

But still i get the same problem. Everything else is working fine..
(had problems with missing game directory and directX stuff but that i solved for now..)

Trying to run: Patch v1.5RC Mod Wololokingdoms (full version) everything else is set to default

Help would be much appreciated. And thanks alot in advance

Edit: This would probably better fit into game related problems but i cant delete the post now... so sorry for wrong section and a move would be sweet if needed :D.
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Posted 5 November 2019 - 4:52 am

WololoKingdoms runs a different .exe than AoC: it's named WK.exe (despite they are quite the same) and it was not supposed to be used for campaigns in Single Player Mode.

So I would recommend you to play campaigns using Steam :)

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Edited 5 November 2019 - 8:30 am by Vizze
so the integration of the expansions was soley for the extras like new civs and such?
to bad wanted to use the screen resolution adjustment since i play on a 21:9 which makes the ui kinda small

guess i will have to adjust it manually ;)
thanks for the info
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Posted 5 November 2019 - 6:53 pm
Glad we could help! :)

VTech Team

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