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Hey everyone,

been trying to install the user patch for a while and I keep running into some problems.
I tried the "clean installation"; link -->
and got up to step 16 without any problems, following the steps to the T.

However, when I re-enter the Lobby, as described in the guide (step 17), the game diagnostics window opens again, automatically.
That window then displays the lines shown in step 18 up until a certain point. Then it fails to localize the 'Game Version', giving me an error.
Screenshot 1 is taken of that very game diagnostics window.

So basically I appear to be in a loop hole.
I downloaded the patch from [You must login to view link] , as suggested in the guide linked above. It is unclear to me, whether I (somehow) failed to install the patch at all or in the wrong folder, or whether the download gives me a different patch than the diagnostics tool expects to find. (Screenshot 1 suggests that the tool expects to find "1.0C" - I'm not sure if the download from memberplus is 1.0C or the newest 1.5 user patch.

Concerning other directories, browsing the aoe2hd folder, I did NOT find any 'New Folder' as some other persons with similar issues may have.

Here is my full aoe2hd folder in two screenshots.

This is a bit frustrating, unfortunately, and I'm feeling pretty helpless about this issue :(

(I have Win10 and I'm able to run other games in Voobly just fine.)

Any kind of help would be very appreciated!
aoe2hd folder 1.png (file size: 361.71 KB)
aoe2hd folder 2.jpg (file size: 386.97 KB)

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Posted 4 October 2019 - 10:29 pm
On windows 10 pc's to bypass the user account protection you need to lower the level to the end and after that open woobly with admin rights (yes admin rights), and if you install a setup from an out source copy that file to your local drive (c:\) and then double click on it. Finalize your setup as described below. (Hd Compability, WololoKingdom, etc.)

Some Windows 10 user have this issue, its not a bug. On windows 7 lowering the uac (user account portectin) level it warns you to restart but on Windows 10 it doesnt warn you to restart. You believe what it says but still uac effects your installations somehow.

Let me know if it helps.
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Posted 4 October 2019 - 10:53 pm
Hey TunaKhan,
thanks for your quick reply.

I lowered the UAC levels to the minimum and opened voobly as an Admin. I'm still encountering the same problem. Did you imply, that I'd have to re-do the entire clean installation again? I didn't do that yet.

When opening voobly as admin, now I get that small blue voobly download/update window (Screenshot 1) with an error. That window later switches to "Downloading Update (100%)" and stays at 100% forever (multiple minutes) without finishing/closing.

About the out source, could you please describe that in more detail? Unfortunately, I don't understand what specific downloads/installations/files you're referring to as out source.
Voobly opened as admin.png (file size: 929.49 KB)

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Posted 4 October 2019 - 11:09 pm
Update: Unlike what the guide explicitly stated in step 17, I had to accept ("yes") the game diagnostics to apply a fix to this problem.
Then, and only then, closing and re-opening voobly gave me the notification that 1.5C was installed sucessfully and manually opening the game diagnostics confirmed it.

Not that I understand why any of this is happening, but I guess it should work now :D
Thanks for your help!

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