Voobly client freezes and crashes


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Hello everybody,
I've been experimenting this issue always but I didn't give it much attention because it's not game-breakinig.

My Voobly Client is extremely laggy. It [You must login to view link]
  • Each time I join a game/host a game, I have to wait 5 seconds until the client unfreezes.
  • Going into the options of the game [You must login to view link]
  • The Client crashes whenever I lose connection (I put the laptop to sleed with the client open, when it wakes up, the client tries to reconnect but it crashes instead) or sometimes when I try to join a game (it freezes and the it crashes)

Both Voobly and AOE2 (Steam) are installed in the secondary disk (HDD)

The list of installed mods are (D:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods):
  1. 256x Tech Mod
  2. Allied Vision
  3. Allied Vision - Advance Statisticse Statistics
  4. LN FFA Rules mod
  5. Longer Lasting Resourceses
  6. No Walls Mod
  7. Sy Natios Cup 2017 Mod
  8. WK Patch 5.7.4
  9. WololoKingdoms
  10. X-Patch with Allied Visionsion
  11. WololoKingdoms FE
  12. WololoKingdoms AK
  13. 5tbh Age mod
  14. Portuguese Civ Mod III

I tried uninstalling the last mods
  • X-Patch with Allied Visionsion
  • WololoKingdoms FE
  • WololoKingdoms AK
  • 5tbh Age mod
  • Portuguese Civ Mod III
because I had never used them and I'm not even exactly sure how some of them got installed.

The Client runs more smoothly, it's not "fast" and I have to wait ~1sec between each action.
I'm way better than before but I'd like to know if I can do something more to improve it.

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Posted 21 August 2019 - 8:07 pm
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Posted 22 August 2019 - 5:01 pm

I did it but I can't see a major improvement from before.
In my case, I think that some mods (Portuguese civ mod) were so heavy that it made the client struggle a lot.

I hope that the post helps anybody in the future!

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