AOE 2 Ban 3 dias / AOE 2 Ban 3 days


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Posted 27 July 2019 - 4:22 am

I'm a new player, I was staring a new game in AOE2 but it closes and I can't play, voobly shows the message attached. Which is the configuration to play? I only execute controllers for my proccesor and graphics, a program to take SS, an alarm to full battery notification and screen dimmer.

My original account is Ataches and I create this one 'ataches_' to ask for the ban.



Soy un jugador nuevo, estuve empezando una partida en AOE2 pero se cerro y mostró el mensaje adjunto. Cual es la configuración para poder jugar? Solo tengo ejecutado en segundo plano los controladores del procesador y la tarjeta grafica, un programa para tomar capturas de pantalla, una alarma para cuando la bateria de la laptop esta completa y un programa para bajar el brillo del computador.

Mi cuenta original es Ataches y cree esta 'ataches_' para preguntar por el ban.

Screenshot_1.png (file size: 14.57 KB)
Screenshot_2.png (file size: 11.8 KB)

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Hi mate,

Probably it's a false positive, i will give to you the link to contact administrators trough the forum, so they can tell you exactly wich software/process is detected as AutoHotkey, btw don't worry. it's not your foult


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