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Challenge: Can you beat the Around the Mountain scenario?


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How do people beat this hard scenario: Around the Mountain?

I have played and won plenty of AOE single player scenarios and consider myself about an average or somewhat below average - player in my skills compared with others in multiplayer.

A scenario that I couldn't beat even on the "EASIEST" difficulty setting was Around the Mountain ([You must login to view link]). It's mind boggling to me how people beat it. So I'd like to invite or challenge you to try, even on the EASIEST Setting, and even if you look the maps over with the REVEAL MAP cheat. And then tell me how you beat it

"Around the Mountain" had a fun idea in that you have a great starting base and need to walk down a mountain in order to take out the enemies. The basic problem for me was that there were so many solidly established enemies - about 7, that playing it was overwhelming. The problem is not so much a lack of resources, since you are very well supplied and have the full technology tree, but the management problem of controlling lots of units fighting lots of other units at once. AOE3 has a feature where you can effectively pause the game anytime and give orders to many units at once and then unpause the game. This feature would be very useful in "Around the Mountain". Half of the enemies, like the Grey enemy to your south, rolls out new units so frequently and has enough buildings, so that it's like Trench warfare in WWI where you have to take ground very steadily and keep moving ahead slowly.

P.S. You can read my walkthrough on beating Parthian Commander here: [You must login to view link]
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Join Date: 24 June 2019
Posted 5 October 2019 - 4:05 am
I was able to beat AROUND THE MOUNTAIN on the EASIEST setting. One difference in my tactics that let me beat it was upgrading my catapult to the highest levels of technology so that I could shoot Grey's towers without getting hit back. I also generally only concentrated on attacking one enemy base at a time, instead of attacking the red team and the grey base simultaneously. This made it alot easier to manage units.

I updated my review of the mission to explain better how I beat it:
[You must login to view link]

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