I new! i need help


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i was playing some years on hd on Steam and i think its time to change to voobly but, i have some problems.
First, I don´t have idea how work this platform so if someone can pass a link with some good tutorial i ll be so gratefull him!
Secondly and more important, i can´t or i don´t know how patch my hd from Steam to Voobly.

thanks in advance!
PD: I´m Spanish so if someone if want answer me on Spanish will be better for me! Viva TaToH
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Posted 8 May 2019 - 12:21 am
Hola. Bienvenido en Voobly.

Sigue este tutorial : https://support.voobly.com/display/vkb/KB1054+Clean+installation+of+Aoe2HD+with+compatibility+patch
Es en ingles, pero facil a seguir.

Si tienes preguntas/problemas, no dudes :)

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