Hotkeys issues + Launch game problem AoC


Join Date: 26 April 2016
Posted 28 February 2019 - 1:50 pm
i have 2 problems:

1. i had a half year pause from AoE. So now i came back and all my hotkeys were reset. I am trying to change them in game and its works for this game but when iam starting an other game they are gone (all reseted).

2. my second problem is a little bit weird.
when i am in the lobby and i open a new room or join in a room and the game has launched it takes so long to get in the multiplayer editor. But when i click "back to Lobby" and then launch again then i get immediately in the multiplayer editor. And after the game is done i have a window with all patches and the pc trys to launch aoe again.

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Join Date: 13 January 2008
Posted 28 February 2019 - 4:04 pm
start a game in single player mode from a voobly game room. set the keys. then see if they have saved in a multiplayer game.

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