We will be retiring all incentive levels effective immediately. These levels include: Promoter, MVP and Streamer.

There are a couple main reasons for doing so. Firstly, we simply don’t have a consistent way of giving players the levels. We have set arbitrary numbers such as a high rating for MVP or a high viewer count for Streamer, but these numbers don’t mean that much. Someone with a lower viewer count can be putting in as much work or even more work than a Streamer who brings in a lot of viewers. Also, there has been many requests from players to gain access to these incentive levels. Having to deny these players based on an arbitrary value is an unfortunate circumstance. We can’t give everyone an incentive level because it doesn’t make sense financially. This leads us to the second point of money. We’re losing out on potential premium and donation money because of these incentive levels. This money can be used to fund smaller tournaments with rewards. However, ever since the introduction of these levels, there has been a decrease in these two categories.

We apologize for the inconvenience to those affected by this change. We’ve been thinking long and hard about this change and we’ve concluded that it’s something we must do. These levels may return in the future in some form once we’ve figured out a better way to implement it. But, for the time being, we will have to retire the levels.

Voobly team.