I am having hard time running vanilla AoM with an UI improvement mod of mine, which in fact just changes menu positions and elements around, doesn't incorporate any texture changes or complex scripting. Though when I have few .xml files in the data folder, game fails to load the LAN menu. Instead it goes to Campaign selection screen. So I can never join any game via Voobly. If I remove the edits, e.g. delete the uixxxxx.xml/xmb files from data folder, I have no issues.

Quick note, I am using different AoM language pack but only the data folder/ui reposition seems to impact Voobly.

MP part of the UI isn't touched at all!


PS: Oh well, looks like UIPREGAME.xml does it. I can guess its because I have the main menu centered on the screen, in its original state MM is having an offset to the top a bit. Does that mean Voobly uses the vanilla defined menu position to reach the LAN menu? If so that is the case, I am screwed playing with the change? The f*ck?

PS2: Thinking on a solution. We have "Start at Single Player Menu" for an option to person hosting the game. How about that option never working for me? I can manually navigate to the LAN menu but I never see my game listed. Why is it named Single Player Menu and its put in the Hosting Game options? What gives?