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After incredible, truly incredible 17 years of continuous clan leagues in [You must login to view link], RTS League enters another era, an era where the community moves ahead with its game and a new competition is desired - after 41! seasons where you could have seen all the top players of any given time, all the way back from 2001, fight for the prestigious Titles and Banners of the RTS League Champions, we're resetting the counters and beginning from 1 again. Don't shed a tear though, as we all know it's really the Season 42, just trying to be fancy and young again, exactly as the game is attempting to be - and RTS League cannot let its life-long friend and compatriot Age of Empires II win, can it? ;)

With the onset of one of the greatest things the community has achieved in recent years - mod WololoKingdoms allowing the wide-spread use of the new expansions in the competitive community on Voobly, interest is now firmly in this area of the game, as we have confirmed already during last season's sign-ups in our questionnaire. And so we follow, as we always have - RTS League has always been the competition for the players, by the players, and as such has served to support the community over the years in all kinds of times - all those times high and low, higher and even lower, have taught us one simple thing that is the cornerstone of what RTS League is, its spirit and at this point also a mission - think of the players first, and they will return the favour.

We are glad for your continued support and that you find your fun and enjoyment with RTS League's Clan Leagues, and so we hope to give you more of the same, with a new name and a few other things as well - let's see what the new age will bring as we open sign-ups for

RTS League's Age of Empires II: Rise of the Rajas Clan League, Season 1

What Is New, What Is the Same, What Will the New Season Be

As we have said, Season 42 is not really that far off the mark - we're not doing summersaults with the format or the rules, we know what you like and why you play RTS League, and we're certainly not going to do away with that - seeded group stage, playoffs, 2 games each round, home map choosing from the random maps, all that remains as you like it, we just updated things for the new expansions, and in the process used the opportunity to address a few more to improve your quality of experience. We have prepared a [You must login to view link] and provided an explanation why we undertook them and what we aim to achieve with them - we really cannot recommend enough to read through them all, and the [You must login to view link], as we are a different competition from all others in the community, and at least one of the new things is now distinct from before, and it's also one you'll encounter in every match - it pertains to arriving to matches on time. I'm pretty sure you already know what it could be talking about ;)

Overall though our main aim with the premiere season is to be a true, real litmus paper as to the state of the game and the competitive community in all its facets, seeing what the true meta is and what the strong and weak points look like. If you follow the competitive scene (well, you wouldn't be here if you didn't), you know that pretty much most of the tournaments bend the game in one way or another - be it special maps, civ drafting or even down-right modding of the game, so realistically the balance of the civilisations and the game overall is mostly based on incomplete information. Since RTS League has always been signified by a free-to-play approach, allowing clans and players to utilise many different weapons at their disposal coming naturally with the game, we hope to serve the community as a way to see, confirm, disprove all kinds of ideas about the gameplay.

As always, we will be bringing you the games live on our channels [You must login to view link] and RTSLeague2, with many other streams across the community as usual (RTS League is the haven of PoVs and we support them as we can), and we will do our best to push the uploads to YouTube as fast as possible, but besides that, we aim to provide a regular, diverse coverage of the games and clans on our community Facebook and Twitter to engage everyone who loves Age of Empires - follow us to be in the know and what things are going on with your own clan or the favourites you support, or if you just like the competitive scene :) Expect more announcements on the extracurricular activities as well.

So, How Do You Sign Up for RTS League Season 1?

To take part in Season 1 and have a chance at the fun (and the Banners :)), check out the [You must login to view link] for more information on the competition, [You must login to view link] (Clan Operator, active players, knowledge of the rules, being an actual clan...) and then when you're ready, sign up through posting a reply to the [You must login to view link] with the required information (and really, do not forget to read the rules and all the novelties :)) - if you're new and need an account first, follow the instructions under the forum menu and we'll get it done. This time, all clans need to post the sign-up form, even regular ones - we're turning a new leaf here.

Sign-ups will be closed on Friday 27th July, then we usually need about a week to set things up, and Season 1 would start after - start of August sounds interesting (we regularly encounter very tricky situations that need to be resolved before putting things up).

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact RTS League's AoC staffers at [You must login to view link].

Looking forward to having you in the League then, and spread the word - the more clans, the more fun for everyone!

You can check the games played in RTS League at [You must login to view link] or in the [You must login to view link] at AoEZone where you can also discuss them. Visit our YouTube or Twitch channels for previously streamed League matches, including the epic 5.5-hour battle between RFR and nC.

Would You Like to Get Involved and Help Us and the Community?

We're always on the lookout for engaged players, new active staffers can help us run the competitions better, artistically gifted people would make things nicer, technical skillers could make our web and services to the community so much better!

And if you're a budding or experienced streamer interested in broadcasting the valiant efforts live, wanting to help fellow gamers and getting some real good games to stream in the process, also using our partnered channel with dedicated following, do let us know! With the amount of matches, we need quite a team :)

If you think you can help, give us a hit and we can talk it through, we would especially be super-glad for assistance with the web, as we're sure you can see for yourself :)

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

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