How to watch WK recorded games


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Credit goes to: jeowaypoint - [You must login to view link]

There are 2 ways to watch recs:

1) on Voobly (benefit over way no.2: Spectator overlay/dashboard, co-operative/shared rec watching)

2) Offline, with a standard UserPatch installation (made on top of the Compatibility Patch) and/or Offline WK-installation


can open AoC-recs (not WK-recs) directly from SaveGame-folder at

...\Age of Empires II\savegame

depending on version, and all it's Subfolders (this works with even the old format .MGX recs)

Newest UserPatch recs have a Spectator-statistics(pop/vills/military etcetc) applied to the Score section in the lower right corner, making Spectator Overlay/Dashboard less needed for non-casting purposes, but it only works for newest recs that have been played on UP 1.5.

For WK, you install it without selecting the option "Create an Offline installation". See the respective WK [You must login to view link] for reference. Once installed, it'll be selectable as a Mod in a Voobly Room's Settings like this: [You must login to view link]

The recorded games will go to
...\Age2HD\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\WololoKingdoms\SaveGame

...\Age2HD\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\WololoKingdoms FE\SaveGame

...\Age2HD\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\WololoKingdoms AK\SaveGame

depending on the version you have (topmost if you own or have installed all HD DLCs).

Once the (downloaded) recs are in those folders (cannot be in subfolders), you can select them in Voobly Room's Settings page, in menu Watch Recording, which reads the recs from the respective folder of the Mod selection.

2): Offline (personal preference and recommendation)

If a normal UP is installed (=non-voobly version) the installer will have created an "age2_x1.exe" to

which can be used to watch recs normally via ingame menu, as well as the aforementioned direct AoC-rec doubleclick-opening from the SaveGame folder (UP is capable of auto-selecting the correct version depending if the rec is MGZ or MGX, so the doubleclick method is far superior QoL wise).

If WololoKingdoms installer's option "Create an offline installation" has been used, it has created a "WK.exe", "WKFE.exe" or "WKAK.exe" to folder

which can be used normally to surf recs from folders by using the ingame Recs-menu. The Folders for Offline installations are:

...\Age2HD\Games\WololoKingdoms FE\SaveGame


...\Age2HD\Games\WololoKingdoms AK\SaveGame


Note: yes, there is a lot of recs-folders now, as WK-recs are version-dependent, like on HD...

Note2: WololoKingdoms does not support direct recorded-game opening by doubleclicking from within the savegame folder(s), this is a Standard-UserPatch-only feature so far.

Note3: having an Offline version, or versions, installed is not mutually exclusive to Voobly Mod installation (when not selecting "Create an Offline installation", it creates a Voobly Mod), and they do not inhibit each other's function in any way.

For non-HD users, all of the above is relevant, just the Path is ...\Age of Empires II\, not ...\Age2HD\
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ty, but its imposible to use overlay offline?
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I just played this Wololokingdoms 1.5 RC game on Voobly last night and I struggled for a while to figure out how to watch the replay:

I finally figured out how to watch it:

1. I have to download the file from Voobly using the link above, instead of trying to use the recorded game file that was made by my computer while I played.
2. I have to launch WK.exe instead of trying to use Voobly.

All other methods I tried would either crash when playback was supposed to start or yield an error message that says something like "Could not load this old recorded game.".

Hopefully this helps someone out there. Also, I'm confused about why I cannot watch my own recorded game file and would appreciate any insight into that.
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where is WK.exe

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