Port forwarding with google wifi not working


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Posted 10 March 2018 - 6:25 pm
or is it something with my PC? how can i see what the issue is?

im using google wifi... i setup static ip in my PC... my firewall and pc defender both allow voobly... my google wifi app is setup with the right settings according to google wifi support who i talked to 3 hours about this.

i restarted my pc, the app, the router, nothing.

i get my internet from spectrum, time warner, here in NYC... from that modem i plug it into google wifi router.

i have windows 10.
all the apps/websites to check if port is open says it closed. when i join games in multiplayer with only one AI and im the host, its very delayed and laggy.. single player is smooth and great.

ive literally, LITERALLY spent over 8 hours on this and read every post on here... every thing online. just to open this 16000 UDP port for a game that came out 20 years ago. that i spent 20 bucks for, even though i bought it as a kid. im about to lose my mind, obviously, and all the help so far has just been a massive run around... anyone have any experience with this? or google wifi, or the app? what could be some preasons this isnt working? should i use my external WAN ip? is there somerthing on windows 10 i havent changed correctly? i dont haev any other firewall or anti virus that i know of, at all, anywhere. i removed all that fluff program from my PC when i first got it, and i built it from scratch.

is it with my modem ---> google wifi router connection? do i need to do something with this?
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do you have just win defender or that and another firewall?
give the name and model numbers of the modem and google router

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