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Fate of Middle Earth is a competetive 4v4 map, based on the Lord of the Rings books/movies. Each player control approximately 1000 units of different types that you have to use in order to win the game. Players start with a variety of normal trash melee units, ranged units(very important in this game mode), trolls, cavalry and many heroes. Some units are much stronger than others and are considered elite units. A good strategy can be to save your elite cavalry units for an important flank on the enemy archers.

On one side you have the forces of good (Gondor, Elves, Dwarves and Rohan) fighting to protect the good of Middle Earth and defend the ringbearer Frodo. On the opposing side you have the forces of evil (Moria, Easterlings, Isengard and Mordor) fighting to destroy everything that is good in the world and to reclaim the one ring for the Dark Lord Sauron.

The map is filled with side quests that can be hard, but very rewarding if you complete them. An example can be to bring Aragorn from his starting position in Lorien, all the way to Gondor to hold the army of the dead to their oath and convince them to fight for the forces of good. Vice versa the forces of evil can bring Sauron to the same spot in order to convince them to join evil. Some other quests could be to bring heroes to meet eachother for a powerup, or bring a certain hero to a flag in order to capture an important fortress.

There are a lot of quests, but the "relic map" in the top of the map shows every single quest and how to do it. Players also get rewards from getting kills, in order to encourage an active playing style.

All quests aside, the best way to succeed in this map is to work with your teammates and attack at the right time to win key battles. The good thing about the map is that there are several ways to attack and different strategies can be used.

There are specific conditions in play for how to actually win the game:

The forces of good have two different ways of winning:
- Bring the ringbearer Frodo to Mount Doom to destroy The One Ring.
- Kill the Dark Lord Sauron and his fortress of Barad Dur(Castle) and all the towers guarding it.

The forces of evil have one definitive way of winning:
- Kill the leaders of good (Aragorn, Galadriel, Dain and Frodo)
- Kill the main fortresses(castles) of good (Minas Tirith, Lorien, Erebor, Dunharrow)

So in short you work with your team, gain bonuses and powerups in order to complete those win conditions. Some of the best games have been decided with major battles going on only for the forces of good to send Frodo sneakily into Mount Doom and end the game in their favour.

Hope you enjoy the map!

Fate of Middle Earth
Made by _Damrod_
=LotR= 8p Fate Diamond V71.scx (file size: 248.24 KB)
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