Detect game version with triggers


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In different game versions, some features work differently,
so you may need to limit your map features to the correct game versions.

I've made an example map, which can detect these game version combinations:


Each detection uses just 1 condition!

Here are few examples:

-Change view effect can cause gamecrash in version 1.0/1.0c, so condition "1.4 or 1.5 or HD or DE" need to be added to prevent gamecrash.

-If you want to display Advanced Statistics, use "1.4 or 1.5" condition because it will work only on these game versions, and you would just get an useless message on other game versions.

-If you want to set unit speed, make a trigger with "HD or DE" and an other one with "1.4 or 1.5" condition, because these game versions use different effect IDs to set unit speed.

-To use an UP-effect, add condition "1.5", because on other versions, the players would get an useless UP-effect message.
Detect Patch and Mod.scx (file size: 1.12 KB)
Detect Patch and Mod.PNG (file size: 8.84 KB)

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With the new version, you can also detect the game mod too, including the following ones:

-5th Age Mod
-Portuguese Civ Mod III
-Age Perfect Expansion
-Age of Chivalry
-Sheep vs Wolf 1/2/3

All you need to do is just put a gaya 867 ID unit somewhere to the map (but not too close to player units to prevent to be converted), and garrison it into itself, and copy the required trigger condition.
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Posted 25 November 2019 - 11:12 am
Update: Definitive Edition conditions have been added!

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