Zombie Apokalypse
by ApAdams - 39107 downloads
Mod Page:http://www.voobly.com/gamemods/view/13/Zombie%20Apocalypse

Since the description on the Mod page is outdated
i decided to write my own guide to make Vobbly more
familiar with this Mod

First of all, the Mod itself is similar to Jurassic, with a few differences. The Zombie (Player 3 - Green) wins when he defeats all other players. The Humans (Every player except Player 3) win if they destroy all 5 mausoleum.
The Zombies are strong at the beginning, so the Humans have to hide pretty fast at the start of the Game. The Zombies gain extra attack over time and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Settings/Important for the Host:
Mod: Zombie Apokalypse
Gametype: Scenario
Zombie Apokalypse 3.5.0
Difficulty: Normal
Resources: Standard
Pop: 200 or 225 (you won't need much eco)
Map view: Explored or Normal / can be used for balancing. But standard is normal
Standard starting age
Teams Locked, Speed Locked
Amount of Players: 3 - 8 Player, More players more fun
Standard win condition or Conquest (boring Wonder Victory or killing all Zombies)
Pick Civilization which you prefer (Pick Civ with gunpowder units like Spanish or Turks which also have access to Canon Towers and Fortified walls)

IMPORTANT: All players should NOT change their Autocolors given from the scenario. Player 3/Green is always Zombie and pick the Zombie Civilization. Everyone expect green go Team 1, Zombie goes Team 2.

Houses and Outposts are the only Buildings with special abilities. Houses can produce Villager.
When you build an outpost(military building, not the well), it gives you carto.

Recommended Civilizations
Spanish, Turks, Japanese, Koreans, Every Civilization with Hand Canonners

How to play:

Early Game:
Every player starts with a single Villager in the middle of the Map. Right-Click a horse as fast as you can and then run to one edge of the Map. The Scenario (Zombie Apokalypse 3.5.0 - latest update) offers many places to hide and to barricade on the edge. At the start i suggest to build houses away from the place you want to build your base. Once you are barricaded you may can’t get outside to collect resources, this is why i like to spread houses on the map, so i can produce some sneaky villager to collect resources.

Once you have builded your TC(hopefully far away from the middle), its important to advance to the next age and build a dock. Once you are in Feudel Age, make a Transport ship and set the spawnpoint in the Dock. When green knows where you are and send Zombies, you can escape with the Ship.

How to collect Resources:
On the Map are food, gold and stonepiles which contains 1000 resources each. The resources are already collected, all you have to do is build the right drop-off building next to the pile and rightclick the pile with a Villager (see attachments). Wood piles only contain 100 Wood. Picking up a woodpile gives you 100 wood from gaia.

Much Space is great in the late game, because you will need a lot of buildings, but you are also more likely to get found in the early game.

When you are feudal age, wall quickly and advance to the next age. Your focus shouldn't be on your main base yet. It’s more important to focus on the villager you created outside of the base. You should constantly tasked them to collect resources and build one or two houses to make sure can keep produce villagers when some villagers dies. (spread the houses to confuse the Zombie Player). Each villager you produce outside of the base is very likely to get caught at some point and become a zombie. If green finds you after you walled and you dont want to give up the base. Bombard Canons(by picking up canon guns) are a great defense, they do splash damage to zombies and can handle them easy in the early game.

Late Game
Its important to advance quickly to the imperial age. Depending on how much space you have, you should have some houses by now to produce villager. Once you hit Imperial Age get Chemistry asap (or play Turks). Gunpowder Units are very strong vs Zombies. Cavalry Archers are also great for hit and run. Build Canon Towers all over your base or just next to your walls.
Once you have enough Gunpowder units coordinate an attack with other Humans to destroy the Zombie Buildings in the Middle of the Map.

Zombie Player
If you are Zombie you have to eliminate many humans before they become a threat. To do that its important to spread out your zombies and guard resources (Patrol is useful for that). Use your Food wisely. If you find sheep send them to the little piece of street in the middle of the map to get 100 food. Zombies get stronger after a certain amount of time. They get a lot of attack and armor in the later stages of the game.
If the humans have a decent force and attack your buildings, try to surround the forces or else they can hit and run. Remember you can set the gather point in the zombie buildings.
There are 4 Zombie Types
Fledging: Weak Zombie, can we used to deny resources or to scout. Can be killed by every villager that picked up a weapon.
Zombie: You get Zombies on 3 Ways. You get spawned Zombies and Sheeps for free at your mausoleums and you can also train Zombies at your mausoleums. Every unit you kill from humans turn into Zombies after there death, it takes some time till the corpse turn into a zombie. Zombies have strong attack and Armor.
Necromorph: More expensive and stronger Zombie, High HP, Attack and Pierce Armor.
Necromancer: Ranged Zombies with less armor and less attack.

Every Zombie get more attack over time. The Scenario also boost Zombies after a certain times (Squires, Tracking, extra Armor).

I really like Zombie Apocalypse and i hope more players will play it when they understand it. Anyway the Attachment show pictures of how to get resources as human idealy (no walking distance for villager)

Sry for bad english
If you have any more question about this Mod, feel free to ask them under this Thread
See you in the lobby ;good
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