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Les traigo el Top


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Edited 20 June 2017 - 1:34 am by [Eot_]WannaDJ
I don't think so, since you meet him, you take him bad and I feel sorry if he did make some joke about you while playing, is just his way to behave, so I hope you guys forget about it.

Not really me, but the fact he's bragging about how he's the king of Lustful (if he's joking or not). And the reason he got banned/reset and stuff, has nothing to do with people talking him down or anything, he violated CoC and you know it
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Edited 20 June 2017 - 4:10 am by [Dy]JUAN____
first I never sayed im the king of lustful wtf are you talking about, if i was very new to the map as you said YOURSELF some posts ago with a random name and some insults along it stop twisting my words. just posted i was #1 in points when it ended and the top was wrong. then u started insulting with another of your fake names and telling i did point trade and laming games to get it which i could and can make clear it is totally bullsh1t

at last id be greatful if u stop following to every room i get in and spamming me all over when i get online, else just tell me what you want here cuz idk what the hell you want . i wont be adding more . thx
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Posted 20 June 2017 - 11:29 am
who are you ? at least come play me with you real name m8 playing with me 4-4 in my first games in map ok

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4-3 when u were playing 50 games each day and i hadn't played cs in months. U won the first 3, then i adjusted to your overly defensive, campy playstyle and i won the next 4.

Anyway, it 's nice to see new upcoming talent, it Just sux if they have big egoproblems like you clearly have.
Stop flaming people and stop making ego posts and ego topics

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