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Age of Empires: Beyond the Indus expansion


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Edited 3 February 2018 - 11:30 pm by Epid
My name is Epid and together with a small group of people, working on a new unofficial expansion for Age of Empires 1. This expansion is based on ancient South and Southeast Asia and will feature its own unique theme, covering a large area of the ancient world not included in the vanilla game. The new expansion we are working on will have new units, technologies, campaigns and civilizations, among many other new additions.

Progress has been going smoothly in the past few months and we are now entering the beta stage. Since game balance is important to us, we want to work together with experienced players from the community to test all of our new additions to the game and notify us of any bugs or glitches. If you are interested in taking part of the beta testing, please contact us by letting us know below or sending a private message to this account.

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For all others interested, we will be keeping you up to date on our progress and are looking forward to your ideas and feedback. So 12!

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Posted 27 April 2017 - 7:52 am
I want play.

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