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Hello my name is Gwayle, I am here to enter this contest to remember a friend out who has sadly left the Voobly community. This is Act II of the Dark Saga. This was going to be his "Sistine chapel" but he never made it to the end...

Story: Eternal Darkness II

The mighty warriors gifted to men by the gods were themselves decieved by Darkness, as they set out around the lands of Castlerock collecting the Ancient Relics, with the hope of finally destroying Darkness they unwillingly set it free.
For it had been bound within the Moon Temple for millenia by those relics which controlled the power to the magical gates. By gathering these relics and bringing them to the Moon Temple they broke the magical seals containing Darkness and the malevolent creature was set loose.
And it was foretold that Darkness would sweep across the land unchallenged, Kingdoms swept aside in a matter of days, death on an unimaginable scale. In the aftermath left in its wake some survived, they quickly set about rebuilding their homes but it was to be futile. Although Darkness had taken up residancy in the ruins of Shorestone to the South beyond the Seventh Sea, its minions, the undead horde and other abominations stalked the land.
Small bands of fighters put up a resistance to the tide of darkness, taking shelter in the Ancient ruins that scatter the land and what remained of their own kingdom of Hiddenvale.

This is a 3 player RPG, so for you groups with more then I am sorry. This is a map that will test your wit and hopefully help you find solidarity with the people you play with; fewer trolls advised.

This is an entirely free roam RPG you might find it overwhelming to begin with, but be patient its not that hard.

There are a large number of side quests that work completely independant of the main quest. Look for a 'teal' flag near a building or person to activate.

You only get one Life, so dont be a noob.

The map was a made by Bone / Vaulltboy and I, but since bone is no longer here, I am simply doing this so god can send him a message.

It was fun, ol' friend. Its a shame someone boomstick'ed you, before you could finish Act III

RIP Boner
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