I have also asked for support for our TA Demo Recorder and we got partial support with a temporary fix renaming our TaDemo ddraw.dll to ddrawvbly.dll and getting an update to v.16 of voobly. This "fix" partially works as some people are getting TA crash on launch with it on voobly.

There is definitively a connection problem (lag) launching a TA game from voobly client.
The connection/lag issues reside with/in voobly as even using the voobly ddraw.dll with/without ddrawvbly.dll fix outside of the voobly client on other clients like Warzone, PhoenixWorx and IP game does not result in higher ping exponentially for each player that joins the game. Will this be the end of GOW2 3v3 Hawks Wars and PD Marathons ? Quite possible given that Voobly can at best do 1v1 games only with slightly higher pings than normal without losing synch.(with and without using nat/upnp)

Here's a part of my voobly log which i find interesting...
"23:32:42 CDPLauncher::Run
23:32:42 c:\program files (x86)\voobly\vooblynat2.dll->e:\cavedog\totala\ddraw.dll
23:32:42 c:\program files (x86)\voobly\msvcp71.dll->e:\cavedog\totala\msvcp71.dll
23:32:42 c:\program files (x86)\voobly\msvcr71.dll->e:\cavedog\totala\msvcr71.dll

I do believe that the problem reside in that voobly ddraw + those 2 other dll, (why do voobly install some c and c++ runtime librairy files within our Totala folder to start with?) and that the direct play line about hanging/crashing is caused by voobly even if it claims otherwise. Why do i think so, because it worked fine without them and works fine with those files on other clients or via IP. The only place it doesnt work correctly other than for 1v1 ironicly is on voobly, with the added prize being lag in 1v1. Go Figure...

And im not even talking about using Nat/T and UPNP here yet. And yes, most of the TA regulars got their TA ports forwarded already and knows how to forward ports even for enabling Nat/T on voobly. And if they dont, most of us around TA show the newbies how to do it as we have done so since 1997 and some before.

I dont want to sound rude but this need to be fixed, not just for TA, but for all games i been reading so much reports of lag over the voobly forums, with the typical noobish reply of "have you done this" and pointing to your http://www.voobly.com/pages/view/177/NAT-Traversal#My_game_is_lagging_now_what_do_I_do type of answer as if all users and members had no clue.

I will buy the Voobly Team a legal copy of Total Annihilation from GOG if it can help them see, diag, support and fix the bugs out. I like this client, I am being a PITA because i like it with its table and list view and want to use and launch from them, not just sit in them to give out my ip to my friends for my hosted IP games.

Also, from vooblynat log....

01:47:09 m_pSharedMem->magic != SHMEM_MAGIC

not directplay normal...

Edits: this is a summary of 2 posts I had done in TA Welcome Desk section (Was wrong topic)