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Sheep vs Wolf 2 is a random map based hunter / prey mod. New civ bonuses, units, buildings, graphics, sounds and gamplay! Hide in forest and build a fortress, or hunt for animals and search for Sheep!



New features

  • Custom Random map
  • New host options
  • New resource system
  • Defensive and aggressive animals
  • Respawning animals
  • Reworked civilizations with roles
  • Some new technology

Example random map

(a giant map with 8 players)

About the default map

Each player separated by little rivers, connected by shallows. Forest randomly around the starting zone. The number of animals and type are random, like golds. Map's size and number of players have effect on this. 5 Wolf skull, one Iron Bear, one Iron Boar and a Yurt always spawn. Yurt can be used for both Sheep and Wolves for some special upgrades.

Other map options
  • S vs W 2 - Easy Night - Your LoS looks same as explored areas.
  • S vs W 2 - Hard Night - Your LoS looks same as explored areas, but explored areas without LoS on it will turns back to black.
  • S vs W 2 - No Mega - Mega Wolf and Mega Tower research is not allowed
  • S vs W 2 - No Skull - No Wolf skulls on the map.
  • S vs W 2 - No Wonder - Building Wonder is not allowed.
  • S vs W 2 - Team Start - Players in team starts closer to eachother, instead of spread equally. This effect greatly change the map's terrain.
  • S vs W 2 - WvsW - Special rules Wolf vs Wolf. All gold and wolf skulls are removed. The number of fishes, deers and boars significantly increased, but all rare animal are removed. Yurt not always spawn, but if do, it can only be at the middle of the map on the dirty road.
    Resource settings won't change the Wolf extra lives, instead will adjust the number of animals.

Renamed civilisations and roles


How to Host

Important settings

  1. You have to select custom random map, then Sheep vs Wolf 2 - this is not a scenario
  2. Each civ shows it's Sheep or Wolf civ. This is important, because map will decide by this your starting unit.

Optional settings

3. Map size not just make the map bigger, it will increase the number of the golds and animals.
4. Starting resources (wolf difficulty) makes the early game much faster, also indicates the Wolf's Cave health as:
  • Low resources (hard wolf) - 2 lives -20% food from sources
  • Default resources (standard) - 3 lives normal food amount
  • Medium resources (easy wolf) - 4 lives +10% food from sources
  • High resources (beginner wolf) - 5 lives +25% food from sources
5. If you don't want Wonder or Wolf skull win option you can set Conquest.
6. Player's colors don't have to be in numeric order!
7. Host can turn off or on the "Team together" to decide spawn points. When Team together is off, the starting points are full random and Wolf Cave's location are less predictable, same with possible Sheep bases.

Other game types


All game types are supported! Defend your King (turkey), rush for Monument or play in Deathmatch!

Gameplay video

by: 44Quantum and ThenojokingMan

Guide for beginners

How to play with Sheep

1. As Sheep you start at the middle of nowhere, you better find a safe place or you will be an easy target!


2. Once you found your place you can start cut some trees for your base.


3. Build a Town center and 3-5 Bushes. Your bushes generates wood and you can harvest it by right clicking on it with your Sheep. If a bush is overused it will be less effective, then switch to other bush which have more wood.


4. In University you can upgrade your gathering speed. This is the most important research for you.


5. In Town Center you can research Hole. You get stone from your holes like in farm, but you have to rebuild it when it is gets empty.


6. The hardest resource to get is gold. Gold can be found randomly at map in different amount. Try to not get caught by Wolf while gathering it!


7. You may run into animals which will attack you (or even the Wolf) so always pay attention!


Rest of the Sheep gameplay is similar to old Sheep vs Wolf (guide).

- Wood: from bushes
- Stone: from holes
- Gold: around map

Sheep can win by:
- kill all Wolves
- building Wonder
- collecting all Wolf skull

How to play with Wolf

1. As Wolf you start with your Cave (this is an indestructible building). You can create your units and research here. Your Wolf Cave's health shows how many lives you have (can be set by starting resource). Each time your Wolf die it loses one. If your Cave lost all health and collapsed, you lost the game. When your Wolf is weak you can garrison in and restore health.


2. Your first task is find food. The easiest way is search for water and fishes.


3. Once you have enough food you can upgrade at Cave or create more units. Don't forget the 2. page too!


4. You may run into some deadly animal, so always pay attention and know who is the hunter and hunted! Razing and killing Sheep leaves Pile of food, also Sheep is eatable. Most of the other Wolf gameplay is similar to old Sheep vs Wolf (guide).

Sheep vs Wolf - RATED

You can play it rated in CAL - Sheep vs Wolf II at CS - Arcade lobby!

Rated rules

Due to this being a .rms based map, the map list needs to remain open in order for it to be rated. Any type of abuse related to this ladder will result in point deductions and/or an account ban.

Since this ladder is the first of it's kind in the CS lobby we have set specific rules related to this map. I will not tolerate abuse of any kind related to this League/Ladder.
  1. Playing any other maps on this ladder other than SvW will result in a temporary account ban. No exceptions. Don't like this rule? Then go play on the Madness ladder please.
  2. Only SvW 1 & 2 Mods may be used.
  3. Using any other mod with the map is not allowed.
  4. Abuse of unreachable terrains as islands and full cliffed areas is forbidden
  5. Sheep noCrashAi uses allowed for Sheep to gain team bonuses.
It's your duty to keep play with fair settings. Once you click the "Start the game!" button you are agree with Host rules!

To report a player, please post in the CS Complaints section.

DOWNLOAD Sheep vs Wolf 2

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Posted 23 January 2016 - 3:59 pm
Gallas always the best ;good

looking forward to trying this :D
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Join Date: 8 October 2014
Posted 23 January 2016 - 6:26 pm
Good mod must try it :)
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Posted 30 January 2016 - 10:09 pm
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Join Date: 14 August 2014
Posted 15 February 2016 - 8:09 pm
Can't Download. Download link somehow removed.
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Join Date: 17 April 2015
Posted 15 February 2016 - 9:20 pm
At the moment there is some technical issue and nobody can download this mod. should be fixed soon
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Posted 21 February 2016 - 2:14 pm
Download working again.
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Posted 8 January 2017 - 1:55 pm
I write here about some changes to the game i would make.
i'm a wolf usually, so i'll speak for the most about the wolf side of the game.
I find, now as now, the game very static. sheeps have to rush lighting towers and mega lightings, wolves have to search fast and eat as much as they can to reach super fast.
just after 1 hour of game more or less, the game style is a little more variable then before.

what i personally think it would be a nice thing is if the wolves do not have mandatory upgrades to be done to upgrade the wolf.
for this reason, i would increase the wolf upgrade cost decreasing instead the cost of other kind of upgrades as armour etc, so that important stages are reached with the same cost (a good elite wolf, a good super wolf, the final mega wolf). This would give more freedom to wolves about what kind of strategy to follow, upgrade a cheaper armour or wait more to do a higher cost upgrade of the wolf?
this would have also another interesting side effect: the definition of the upgrades to be done for the wolves, not beeing no more mandatory by Gallas and the mod, would be defined by the game style followed by the wolves and the sheeps. keeping a too weak wolf would mean that sheeps could hunt it in an easier then now! So wolves should be more careful about that.
continuing on this thought, i think it would be interesting if there are stronger sheeps at the start, more able to go on the attack, using animals or other stuff to hunt wolves.

i would like on the other side, for sheeps, them to be stronger on the first part of the game, and weaker vs some kind of attacks and other things at the end of the game. this would make them prefer more then before to somehow build the base before, attack wolves before etc. Now as now, when they build a base, wrags of the wolves are useless. I think it would be nice if wrags would be stronger, could be normal wrags good vs lightings and elite able to live a little vs mega lightings.

last thing: for wolves, i would like it to be more clear the difference into the yurt between meele armour and the other one i do not remember the name
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Edited 8 January 2017 - 2:55 pm by [MM]Gallas
Thanks for feedback PeterTheWolf,

The mandatory techs are made to prevent wolves rush to super and mega without researching anything (this was a problem before). If I remove them, but increasing upgrade cost, while reducing those tech cost the result may be similar, since a zero upgraded super wolf still more dangerous than a full upgraded veteran.

The idea about stronger offensive sheep gameplay at begin was tried multiple times (last time the OP tigers). The result was really bad: all game sheep rushed wolves and made it impossible to stand up for 80% of games. By this, the game would only fit for experts wolves, and they are really few. I want to keep the game playable without being in the top 10 wolves. You can try play with game settings as smaller map, starting res or giving Ai wolf team bonus instead of sheep, but as I see players not really using these.

Wargs have a new ability from 2.1.0 as destroying gold mines. This gives new tactics for wolf gameplay, you should try it :) Making Wargs enough good to keep up vs light/mega light will make them mandatory unit, which is bad.

Yurt for wolves gives 6 technology, you can research 3 of them: attack speed, hp, eating speed, melee armor, pierce armor, and attack bonus vs walls. Perhaps the two separated armor is pointless, since pierce only need vs normal towers, while melee vs wolf killer, lighting and other animals. If you have any suggestion for the new 6. tech I'm listening.
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Posted 8 January 2017 - 3:04 pm
the difference will be that a zero upgraded wolf will cost MUCH more then now and will take MUCH more time then a full upgraded vet. so the parallel should be a with a well updated elite.
I think the more the Mod defines how the upgrades should be made, the worst it is. this is very much connected to the second point you take up, the problem of an OP animal. a good sheep doing animals will be the reason for the wolf not to rush mega and super, on the other side the sheep will have to know that an upgraded wolf will be an issue for their animals.

Wrags beeing better with 2.1.0 upgrade it's a great thing, but they're still terrible until they're not elite and if not vs early bases. so i keep my idea about them. Plus, improving them should be to make the sheeps find more too the balance between rushing and hunting early wolves.
Wrags could last 1-2 attacks of lightings and mega, and that wouldn't make them mandatory. other factors should be taken in cosnideration, how far is the base from the cave, how much they cost and how many resources the wolf has, considering that more wrags would mean the attack later, so more lighting/mega.

could be, instead of making useless the pierce armour because it works only vs normal towers, you could make it useful vs animals(so animal's attack it's different).
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Join Date: 17 May 2012
Posted 8 January 2017 - 3:07 pm
only thing i dislike atm about sheep v wolf is the community that plays it ^_^
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Join Date: 23 May 2014
Edited 8 January 2017 - 4:17 pm by [MM]Peterpaiter
still, about the yurt, if u want to remove the pierce armour, you could add a 5-7% animal speed, and i would increase the eating speed increase from the yurt from 10% to 30% at least

and instead about the animals, strong animals like the lion should give more then 50 food when killed

changes on costs could be stuff like:
Upgrade to Vet wolf costs 500, (+100). first upgrade of armour and attack 50 (-100 each).
Upgrade to Elite costs 1050(+350). second levels of armour and attack costs 100 each(-100 and -150).
Upgrade to Super costs 1800(+300). third levels of armour and attack costs 150 each(-250 and -300).
For the upgrade to Mega i would change the costs of attack speed, keeping the same the costs of upgrade of HP.
this would make much more interesting thinking about upgrading to Super fast or having a great Elite wolf for low cost!
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Join Date: 2 July 2009
Posted 9 January 2017 - 1:10 pm
could be interesting ..what Peter suggested..
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Join Date: 13 June 2016
Posted 12 January 2017 - 9:04 am
need a group chat or something cuz too few ppl playing it
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Join Date: 2 July 2009
Posted 12 February 2017 - 3:21 pm
Hi Gallas,

I have been playing both as sheep and Wolf and many people feel that Sheep is now too strong. I have following suggestions to make game more balanced

1)Do not allow entire island with 1 entry..Currenlty sheep can simply wall it early and trade inside (land/sea)..
2)Do not allow gate in walls.. Makes walling too easy..Good sheep need to break wall then re-wall..
3)Restore age up cost and wolf upgrade cost to original, with same tech requirements.. Current situation makes getting to veteran wolf a bit late..
4) Do not increase spawn time for super/mega wolf..Keep it original

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