replacing a sound / sound reference list?


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This voobly mod and others work the most possibly simple:
Age Of Empires 2 The Conquerors\Voobly Mods\AOC\Local Mods\Wololo\drs\5497.wav

(-The sound is put in place only by its filename, no other code needed)

So how do we know the other numbers to replace another specific sound?

I think the whole list should be published under keyword
"documentation" (of age of empires 2 voobly mod creation )
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Making a full documentation from all files (thousands of files) would be a too big and unnecessary job.

Just download the [You must login to view link] and you can surf in \Age of Empires II\Data\.drs files for all ingame sounds. With [You must login to view link] (sorted as AGE) you can search more specific.

You want the mining camp's select sound:
  1. Search for Mining Camp in AGE at Units (id: 584)
  2. Scroll down and you see sounds - you need Selection Sounds (447)
  3. Switch to Sounds and in the 447 sound you can see mcamp.wav (this used for aoeHD) and the DRS code: 5926
  4. With Turtle Pack open the sounds.drs and you just have to find the 5926

Some sounds are not able to find via AGE, like age ups or warnings.

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i like turtles

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I'm looking to calm the notification/alert sound of being under attack and optionally some more ones of dying and sword/metal/explosion

Turtle pack list has gaps:
(Exploring sounds.drs and sounds_x1.drs)

Genie Editor knows about more sounds yet also wont play those not shown in turtle pack
("No such sound")
371 TDONK.wave 5406
372 TDONK_C.wave 5407
373 TDONK_M.wave 5408
374 WARGA.wave 5409
375 WARGA_C.wave 5410
376 WARGA_M.wave 5411
478 kattack.wave 6380
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Posted 2 January 2016 - 10:12 am
Alarms etc will be in interfac.drs. Swords, explosion in sounds.drs, try to check the unit's attack graphics (or projectile's moving/dieing) and which sound connected to it.

You can find tracks of the aoe beta with both program (unmarked graphics, hidden half units etc), those sounds perhaps got deleted before final release.
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(just in case this information is really not yet in Advanced Genie Editor)

50300 ready check, before game
50301 train 'create' villagers button
50302 chat message
50303 blocked/full = identical to 50318
50304 tribute received
50305 new age, researching age finished
50306 someone lost or resigned, echo
50307 someone lost or resigned, short no echo
50308 someone started building a wonder
50309 wonder selection
50310 wonder destruction / destroyed
50311 someone has all relics
50312 someone lost control over all relics
50313 "being attacked", converted by monk (with reverb/lengthy, a bit more quiet)
50314 something was converted / lost to opponent
50315 unit/s being attacked (loud)
50316 building/s being under attack (double sound/chord)
50317 sign, "x" = identical to 50327
50318 blocked/full = identical to 50303
50320 won / victorious (like 50364 but with gong / drum )
50321 lost / defeated
50322 house selected
50324 strange blocked sound, must be rare if it appears in the game
50325 barracks selected
50327 sign, "x" = identical to 50317
50328 farm harvested or farm queue empty (or farm could not be renewed as of siege parking on it)
50329 gather-point gathering-point
50330 research finished
50332 lumbercamp selected? = 50333
50333 lumbercamp selected? = 50334
50334 lumbercamp selected? = 50335
50335 lumbercamp selected? = 50336
50336 lumbercamp selected? = 50337
50337 lumbercamp selected? = 50332
50338 selecting tribute/trade? quiet, almost nothing, not sure what this is
50354 population limited reached or all houses full / occupied
50355 sheep selected or sheep/gaia unit/s found
50356 sheep selected or sheep/gaia unit/s found
50357 town bell / TC bell / Towncenter bell
50358 back to work / releasing villagers from towncenter / town bell withdrawn
50359 "ding dong", calm, what is it again?
50360 building finished or placing tribute/market?
50361 market cash sound ( selling or buying ?)
50362 gate locked / locking gate
50363 unlocking gate
50364 won / victorious (like 50320 but without gong / drum )
50365 relic selected
50366 attacked by wolf/s
50367 scary sound with reverb (a bit like 50308 (someone started building a wonder))
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Posted 3 January 2016 - 1:31 pm
Well, if you wish for that, open a new topic like this one and I can pin it up.
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good point :) it is there in the bottom
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Posted 20 September 2019 - 11:40 pm
Hi there!
Please help me! Ive got a problem with gaia/hero named hunting wolf. It has no sounds while i select this unit. It also is a problem with this super Wolf with 400 hp. When i find sheep or turkeys, they have sounds while i select them or order them to move. when it comes to wolves, there is no sound. please help :)
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Posted 26 October 2019 - 11:19 am
OlekPoland, first of all, please don't practice necromancy at forum. You can start own topic with own subject at forum, no need to open a several years old one.

About your problem, make sure your unit has a "Selection sound" number (example 182) at "Units" tab. and at "Sounds" tab that sound number have a .drs file resource aka it will open that .wav number from the drs file or folder. Before you try to add your own, it's better to test with an existing one, so the error-chance is lower. Then you can do your changes one by one and revert back when something not ok.

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