=V= Malta 1649

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Join Date: 23 May 2015
Posted 26 June 2015 - 12:04 pm
This is a remade map of the age of empires 3 first campaign(Morgan Black's campaign). I have changed some of the things and the endings are also unique.
=V= Malta 1649.rar (file size: 36.34 KB)
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Posted 26 June 2015 - 2:19 pm
Replace the =V= tag with something else please. =V= is reserved for the CS mappack.

I played as attacker and noticed some serious bugs:
-Defenders spawn jannisaries when attackers should
-Unless defenders have LOTS of resources and more buildings, they have no chance
-Victory condition is bugged: I destroyed the TC and got defeated
Overall you have to work some more before it becomes playable. Maybe test some more before posting it here.

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